Dubai travel diaries

My husband and I recently travelled back to Pakistan and did a 3 day lay over in Dubai to experience it for the first time.  As always I want to share with you all our favourite places to visit and hopefully inspire you to travel more.  Travel is the richest form of education and I just love becoming more cultured and exploring other places around the world.  We get so trapped in our own everyday bubble and it's so refreshing to get out of that.  We booked our flights through emirates and the lay over through them.  The benefits of this for us was that we didn't pay extra to stop off and we managed to get a deal on a hotel through emirates, making the trip more affordable.  Dubai can be expensive to travel to and we managed to do 3 night and 4 days for £400 which I thought was brilliant.  This was our itinerary for 4 days in Dubai:


 In the morning we got picked up at our hotel for the desert experience in the morning.  We booked this trip through get your guide, who we use on every trip we go on and any country, it's an amazing company!  We have used it in Paris, Rome and Tokyo!  This trip was one of the best things we did in Dubai as we got to see the Desert, ride on a camel, go on a quad biked and also sand board down the dunes.  It only cost us £50 for the two of us which is a bargain. 

We went home to freshen up as I was absolutely covered in sand and then later in the afternoon we headed to Dubai mall to have a bit of a browse and see the fountain show.  The Burghkalif in real life is amazing to see and so tall!


We headed over to old city dubai (al fahidi and al seef) where we had a very authentic experience of Dubai with all the Arabian stalls and markets.  You do have to be careful as they really suck you in and it's hard to get away once they have everything out and they are in selling mode.  I got stuck a couple of times as I am the ultimate consumer!!

 We walked round the corner to find the Arabian tea house where we had traditional cinnamon tea and some biryani and then we relaxed by the pool and had dinner at the hotel.


 We spent the morning in the Gym and relaxing with a book, we always make sure there is a gym at our hotel as it's really important to us to keep up our exercise.  It makes us feel great and also exercise means you can eat more food!!!  We then headed to Jumeriah mosque which was really beautiful and we had a tour by a lady who educated us on the 5 pillars of Islam.  I found this really interesting being married to a Muslim.

 We hadn't been to a beach yet so we headed over to JBR beach and enjoyed cake at the cheesecake factory before heading to the marina walk after it got dark.  We finished at barista club to enjoy the views and relax with Shisha.


Day four was the day we left to travel to Pakistan, but we squeezed in a couple of final things before we left.  We headed to Forever rose cafĂ© which I had seen on Instagram and just had to go to.  It was like sitting in a drawing it was so amazing and such a good brunch spot.

The last thing we did was the frame so we could see some skyline views as we felt this was the one thing we hadn't really experienced yet.  It would have been nice to see the skylines from high above in the dark too, so that would be an aim for next time.

We really enjoyed our trip to Dubai, we didn't know what to expect before coming and already  had the opinion it was too hyped and were just ticking it off our list, but we were pleasantly surprised!  We would definitely go again as a lay over we enjoyed it that much! Next time we visit Dubai we need to go up the Burghkalif and see skylines at night and go to Abu Dhabi to see the Sheik Zayed mosque.  My next travel post will be on our Pakistan trip, so thankyou for reading!


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