The Affordable Gift Guide

If you are looking for an affordable gift for a friend or family member, then look no further as I have selected lots of options for you for under £35.  Many are good brands and have been carefully chosen so even the receiver will think you've spent more than you have.  The rest are just really thoughtful, which adds the personal touch that money can't buy, especially after the year we have had.  Many of us didn't even get to spend Christmas last year with our loved ones, so let's make this one the best Christmas we possibly can.  Some of these links are in the sale, so snap them up before they go back to full price!

1) Food hampers - Food is always a safe and appreciated option. Treat someone to a date night in. All you need to know is sweet or savoury?

2) Makeup - I couldn't decide between the 2 options below, so I just decided to do them both!

LipKit duos - For the girl that loves makeup, the perfect nude or red lip kit is a great gift.  This most famous lip kit is the Kylie lip kit, but there are some great alternatives that are cheaper.  If I received a red lipkit for Christmas, you know that I would be wearing it for New Year!

Eyeshadow palette - If your girl is more bold eyes than bold lips, look at these beautiful palettes for an affordable price.  An eyeshadow palette is always the last item to buy, the one I always avoid as it's not an everyday item.  This is what makes it such a treat to receive at Christmas.

3) Skin care sets - Everyone needs skincare and if you're like me and use 3 different products in the morning and 3 at night, then it all gets a little expensive and you end up buying the more affordable items instead of the luxury ones.  Treat someone to the skin care that they wouldn't buy themselves. 

4) Light up mirror - This is a really good gift for anyone who needs a good mirror for the lighting or even the close ups for applying mascara or plucking your eyebrows.  As the dark mornings and evenings are here in winter, I know I could really do with one of these.  It can also fold up and go in your suitcase with you!

5) Pyjamas - I can't be the only that is really reluctant to buy myself pyjamas, especially in the 2nd half of the year as I know I will get some at Christmas.  I am loving satin pyjamas at the moment and it is really hard to find affordable ones.  Here are my top 3!

6) Personalised Quality Street - This is a brilliant gift for someone if you don't know them that well as it seems considered as it is personalised.  You can choose for the box to include all their favourites and miss the ones they always leave.  It can be used yearly as all you need to do is refill it!  You can go into your local John Lewis to do this or purchase online.  If you buy it in John Lewis you get the exclusive Christmas chocolate which this year is the Creme caramel crisp.

7) Wireless Headphones - I would love this gift as I am one of those people who hate being on public transport without music, but I've also not made the step to wireless headphones yet.  This would be the dream, no more tangled mess at the bottom of my handbag and I can also wear them running.  

8) Slippers - Since working from home, I cannot live without slippers.  I wear a sandal style in the Summer and a warmer pair in the Winter.  You always need a spare pair when you put one in the wash or when friends come round!

9) Oliver bonas jewellery - Good Quality earrings are hard to come by for affordable prices.  These are a few of my favourites for everyday wear or some a little blingier for evening. 

10) Cookbooks - Hosting has become so much more popular now that we can spend time with our loved ones again.  Impress your friends or family by recreating dishes from famous restaurants.  My top 2 favourites are Wagamama and Dishoom.

11) A Baby Tree - The final gift idea is a baby tree.  I think this is such a cute idea to get a baby true that will hopefully last a lifetime and you can watch it grow.  You're gifting a life in a present.

If you need even more ideas, then please go back and have a look at my affordable gift guide from last year.


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