Spring Lookbook

Spring is almost here, we have hit 16 degrees once so far and it was positively blooming!  I am so excited for Jacket weather, it is my absolute favourite time of the year.  I am a jacket girl and could live in them forever.  Give me jackets and loafers or ballet flats and it sums up my style perfectly.  I have found 8 looks that I have worn already or have plans to in the upcoming next few weeks.  I have really leaned into the neutral styling this year as well as previously I have been a grey and black girl.  I have become a neutral girly, which really blends into the capsule wardrobe style I have become apart of.  I am loving having so many pieces that all blend together, instead of colourful pieces that can only be styled in certain ways.  I am getting so much more wear from my wardrobe this way..  So lets look at the eight outfits that I have chosen:


This might be my favourite look as it is different for me.  I don't usually wear white or cream jeans and I don't know why!!  The colour of these match my Celine dupe jacket from Mango perfectly and I am so in love.  I feel so good in this and plan to wear this for a day trip to Bath and feel fabulous!  


Another thing about me you might not know is I love a pant suit!  I think it's a very easy way to feel stylish and look chic.  I love that you can dress them up and dress them down and you can also pair the blazers in different ways.  This beautiful corn flour blue is very Spring and gives me a little bit of colour!  I also plan to wear this blazer over a white t-shirt and white jeans.


This look was influenced by Chloe Rose, she wore something similar and I though to myself that I could do the same.  That is the beautiful thing about following people with a capsule wardrobe, if you also have a capsule wardrobe, chances are you can recreate the outfits that you love also.  This look is very neutral and simple with the white base layer with the black trim details and the check trench coat over the shoulders is the star of the show!


This is a very simple and casual look for an everyday outfit in Spring.  I love the blue jeans with the white cardigan and the trench coat matches the tones in the shoes perfectly.  This trench coat gives me all the Burberry vibes, but I can tell you it is not and it's very affordable.


Another pant suit and another neutral look, but I love that I have made it look trendy with these snake skin loafers.  I absolutely love these and do love a statement piece.  You would be surprised with how much these shoes go with!!  I am also really enjoying styling my new YSL bag that I bought this month.


This was another look that was influenced by Chloe Rose, except she had a Prada jumper and that is not within my budget.  This jumper was actually a Vinted piece, therefore I will not be able to link it, but will have to try and find you something similar.  Another neutral vibe that I think looks really chic and stylish.


My first dark look of the blogpost, which is super unusual for me!  This is so simple, with an all black base layer and an oversized grey blazer over the top.  The cherry red bag finishes off the look perfectly.  This was a new piece I got from Winter, but I will be continuing to wear it through to Spring as it looks so gorgeous with grey.


My final look is a lovely casual look with a statement jacket.  This is the perfect smart but casual look as the jeans are a casual denim, but the blazer has shoulder pads!  I have been looking for the perfect linen blazer for years, so I was so happy when I found this one! I also plan to wear this over my Summer pieces!


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