Winter Lookbook


I have already done my Autumn/Winter lookbook for this winter season, but I had so many good looks under my sleeve that I couldn’t not share with you.  I have done this post last minute, so I haven’t had time to take the pictures as I normally would and have just screenshotted them from video clips, so I apologise if the quality is lower than usual. I love everyone of these looks and reallly feel as if I have some amazing pieces in my wardrobe now and have really defined my style.

1) LOOK 1 - A scarf coat has been huge this year and this one was a great entry level into that with it being shorter and also slightly more affordable.

2) LOOK 2 - I love a tonal look and this is an all neutral look, including my bag and shoes.  I feel sophisticated and chic when I wear this!

3) LOOK 3 - An oversized wool blazer is such an easy styling piece.  It looks great over neutral outfits or as I have worn it here with all black. I love the contrast and feel super 90s.

4) LOOK 4 - Grey and red have been the colours of the season, especially worn together and here is me trying out the look! I felt really stylish for our day trip and will be wearing this again!

5) LOOK 5 - I’ve been influenced by lots of people who have worn printed jumpers with coats matching the tones and thought they looked really good.  I also have the idea of getting the black Ralph Lauren near jumper and wearing it with jeans and a black coat.

6) LOOK 6 - Again here I have gone for the grey and red trend, this time also incorporating the oversized blazer.

7) LOOK 7 - This look is super simple, but very effective.  I have also worn this with jeans to make it more casual.

8) LOOK 8 - My last look is a different option to look 3 if you like the black and camel contrast.  Here I am wearing black leather trousers with a turtleneck and then this long camel coat. I love this style colour on coats! This may be my favourite look, so I saved the best till last!


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