My designer purchases from 2023

In 2023 I was extremely privileged to be able to buy a lot of designer purchases, more than I usually would!  I had got married the year before and although I still saved as I do every month for about 16 months, I didn't want to spend any of it. I wanted to wait until after my October wedding, just in case we needed it as an emergency fund.  This meant when January hit for the New year of 2023, I had double the amount of savings I usually would and boy did I enjoy it!  I am going to do an in detail post later on in the year on how I afford my designer pieces.  Hopefully this will help you or motivate you to save up for those luxury pieces if you struggle to and need some advice in managing your money and spending guilt free.  This is such a big topic and although I'm not an expert, I would like to share my experience of it and what I do as an average person.  None of my purchases this year I have any regrets with as I am not an impulse buyer.  I think about my purchases for a really long time before I buy them, which is part of the blessing of the slow saving.  You can't buy the item until you've saved up for it, meaning you have time to think about it.  There are 9 items on this list and I am going to talk them through with you and leave links where I can :

1) Dior sunglasses - These were the sunglasses I purchases on the way back from my honeymoon, so they hold such a special place in my heart and will always remind me of that.  I got a small discount on them as well as I bought them in the airport and I love a discount!  These sunglasses always elevate my outfit and make me feel super special when I wear them as they are a statement piece.  I love the CD detail on the side of them and the square shape of them.

2) The Lady Dior bag -  This was a dream come true bag purchase for me as the price was a target I didn't imagine I would buy at this stage in my life.  4k just seemed out of reach as it would take over a year to save for.  I really did my research, especially on the selling site as this is really important.  I found one that was a fraction of the price that looked brand new and I couldn't believe my luck.  It didn't come with the strap or the box which would have contributed to the price, but I was okay with that.  I always hold her, she's not a crossbody bag for me.  If I had to pick one, this would be my favourite purchase of 2023  as it was a dream come true.  I would love to have a few more lady Dior bags in my collection in the future.

3) Celine belt - I bought this directly from the Celine website and it's been my most worn belt in 2023.  It screams quiet luxury in the year where Quiet luxury has been huge.  I've just found that it works with every single outfit which has just been amazing.

4) Loewe brooch - I was influenced into buying this brooch after seeing it on @allchloerose and falling in love!  She wore it with coats, jackets and blazers and it just added that extra little touch!  I have only worn it a couple of times truthfully, but I can see me continuing to wear it through this Winter period and getting more way out of it.  I'm going to make that conscious effort to remember to wear it.

5) YSL earring - I had wanted a simple pair of YSL earrings for such a long time, but on the YSL website you can't buy them.  They used to do them though, so I looked to buy them pre-loved.  I actually bought my pair on Vinted, which I know is a risk.  Vinted now have a verification service for designer goods and this had passed that, so I felt comfortable purchasing them after that.  Let me tell you, I have worn these earrings to death as they are so good for everyday as they are not too loud.  They are nice and small but still that extra bit of special.

6) Valentino bag - This was my post spontaneous bag of 2023 as I had been saving for a Prada basket bag and then saw someone wearing this one on TikTok, so I changed my mind last minute.  It's such an amazing Summer bag and goes with so much!  I got it from 24s, which is a selling site for LVMH and because I was a first time buyer I got 15% off which was great.  I'm looking forward to wearing this again this Summer.

7) Chanel tote bag - I had it in my mind that I was going to buy a Chanel bag when I went to Japan in October.  Chanel in the UK is expensive and also preloved isn't always the best quality.  The prices and the quality in Japan is just next level!  I had a limit that I wanted to spend and I did manage to stick to it.  I purchased a Chanel tote bag, one that I have wanted for years ever since I have been obsessed with Lauren Conrad from the hills.  It's the bag her boyfriend Jason gifts to her and she famously wears it as she comes out of Heidi and Spencer's wedding.  I haven't had the bag long so haven't had the opportunity to wear it much yet, but I'm looking forward to wearing it in 2024.

8) Coach loafers - This was an impulse purchase from Bicester village in November.  They were reduced to £100 and I just absolutely loved them, they gave Gucci monogram loafer vibes but for a fraction of the price.  I have visions of wearing them with blue jeans and a white tweed jacket once it gets a little warmer in Spring.  It's currently too cold to wear them, even though I really want to!

9) Coach bag - My last designer piece of 2023 was a beautiful maroon red Coach bag that my husband gifted me for Christmas.  I believe he got 20% off for Black Friday too which is amazing.  I had wanted a red bag for ages to go with my red loafers as that is my favourite style oF 2023 and I have absolutely loved wearing it the past few weeks.

My wishlist for this year is:

1) Gucci loafers

2) YSL bag

3) Chanel ballet flats

4) Holland cooper trench coat

5) Bulgari bag


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