December favourites

December is the month of Christmas presents, so I didn't actually buy that much.  Some of these things if I'm being honest are overflowed from the end of November.  Lots of coats and if you can't tell, I have been loving the scarf wrap coat.  I only actually have one in my collection, but have featured quiet a few in my wish list this month and last month.  I think it's such a chic look and gives me 90s vibes which I love.  I seem to be buying so much from H&M these days, it has taken over from Zara which used to be my favourite.  I am fully obsessed and the quality is so much better than it used to be.

What I’ve bought this month:

1) H&M grey wrap coat - This coat looks so much more expensive than it actually was.  I really wish I had bought it in cream as I loved it and it has been sold out for ages now.  I have been styling this over a grey jumper for a tonal look and straight leg leather trousers.

2) River island black scarf - This scarf looks really chic with a black coat.  I love that it is tonal, but the white trim just gives it that something special.

3) ASOS vintage earrings - I love a statement gold earring, they make any outfit look amazing.  I wear them casually with jeans and a t-shirt to make the outfit look effortlessly chic or dressy for an occasion.  You can't go wrong and I think it's a really lovely piece of jewellery to frame your face if you want to wear your hair up also.

4) Zara scarf coat - I have been addicted to the scarf coat trend and this piece has been perfect for transitioning into it.  I love that it's a knit also so it can be worn casually and even in Autumn or Spring.  The scarf flung over feels super 90s.  Next I would like to go for a maxi coat version.

5) Charity shop beige wrap coat - I have been looking for a beige wrap coat for years and never found anything that it right.  I saw one very similar to the below version in a charity shop for only £25 and I was so excited.  It is my perfect camel coat.

6) H&M black heel ankle books - I have a pair of ankle boots from Zara that I live in in Winter and absolutely love.  They are starting to look worn and I was looking for an alternative to wear so I can try and make my Zara ones last a little bit longer!  These are the perfect ones.

7) H&M wide leg jeans  - My jean game is not very strong and I am working on it.  These wide leg ones from H&M are really nice and I can dress them down with trainers or they look fab with heels and a maxi coat.

8) H&M beige and black cropped jumpers - These are the best quality jumpers I have ever bought from H&M and they were such an affordable price.  I have been wearing them with jeans but if I want to look really chic I match them with the same coloured trousers for a tonal look.

9) H&M grey trousers - I rave about these trousers all the time and I have them in 7 colours.  They are the best and most affordable trousers.  I wear them with a simple white t-shirt in Summer or with jumpers and boots in Winter. 

My Wishlist:

1) Silver Jewellery - The silver jewellery trend is really influencing me and this pair from Amazon is very high on my wish list.  I think it would look really good with a grey outfit.

2) By Malina coats - This White scarf coat with the black trim is so stylish.  Anything with a black trim makes me feel like it has Chanel vibes.

3) Amazon loungewear - This year I have got into wearing loungewear at home while Working from Home that makes me feel put together but not slobby.  I have been getting crew neck jumpers with leggings.  This set from Amazon looks really nice.

4) Clementine and mint pouch - I am looking to get a new makeup bag that can fit everything in one instead of the two I have.  This looks right up my street, I love dark green velvet.  You can personalise them as well.  This would make it a great gift for a bride perhaps in white.

5) Goelia pieces - I have raved about Goelia before, but I have some new favourites for Winter.  This coat selection and cardigan are very beautiful.  Both the white cardigan and coat would look really nice with jeans.  I would wear the black coat with a black dress and tights with boots.  I don't need to say anything about the scarf coat as we know why I love that!  This certain colour of camel is dark for it to go really well with black and dark colours instead of being limited to white's and beiges like some shades of camel.

6) Saint Laurent belt - A belt is a very powerful styling tool for a plain outfit and this YSL belt is really beautiful.

7) Skims bodysuit - The idea of not having to worry about tucking in a long sleeve top so it looks seamless with shorts and skirts is ideal.  I have many items that this would be perfect with where I don't want the tucking in bunching.  I have heard such good things about skims too and I am keen to try it.

8) River island tweed jackets - I have been obsessed with tweed jackets, I have far too many.  These are two that I currently think are really beautiful for the Winter period.  The red tartan one would be perfect for Christmas day!


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