A reflection on 2023 trends - The best and the worst!

This is my favourite blogpost of the whole year.  I love to reflect on the styles of the year, see which ones I bought into and the ones I didn't.  It's great to see how much I was influenced and if it was for the good or the bad.  I have so many categories as usual and I will cut them down to 15, cramming some into the same category!  Some of these trends might have been trends from last year and might stay until next year and those are the ones you want to buy into!  We have had a hugely influential year with Sofia Richie's wedding, Barbie core, The Beckhams documentary and the continuous influential rise of TikTok.  I personally really enjoy trends, they keep things exciting.  But you must always remember that they are optional!! You can pick and choose, that is the beautiful thing.  As I say every year, style is a reflection of your own personality and if we all dressed the same it would be boring.  So wear what you like always and please take this post as my opinion only, you are welcome to yours.  All the images I have collected are how I would wear the trends.

1) Midi and Maxi skirts 

 This is a carry over trend from last year definitely, but this year I think the hemline went longer and new materials were introduced.  Last year it was very much the midi denim skirt and this year maxi has been huge and wool skirts have become really big this Winter.  I bought into the midi denim trend and I am really happy that I did.  It has been a different casual style to denim jeans and gives some variety.  I enjoyed wearing it with sandals and a t-shirt in Summer and then with boots in Winter.

2) Ballet pumps 

Ballet pumps have also continued over from last year, but this year we have definitely seen more of a Mary Jane style. I have bought into this trend a little bit.  I have bought some ballet pumps this year, but I am yet to get into the Mary Jane style.  I'm not sure I will, I feel like the classic styles are here to stay, but the Mary Jane style is a trend and will not be around for too long.

3) Anything Sofia Richie wears 

Sofia Richie was the IT girl of 2023 and I can't see that disappearing anytime soon, she is the moment.  Her wedding kicked off the trend and it has only just continued.  Chanel, Capsule wardrobe, quiet luxury, tailored clothing, 2 pieces and 3 pieces, cropped tweed jackets and waistcoats are all things she has influenced strongly this year and I have absolutely loved.  She can't do wrong with fashion right now and I have worn so many of these this year and will be continuing to.

4) Silver trousers 

The silver trouser trend has been big this year and although I appreciate it and have enjoyed seeing it in Winter around Christmas, it isn't something I will reach into.  I don't see myself wearing them often enough to make them worth it.  This makes it a fast fashion item and I'm not into those types of trends anymore.

5) Everything denim 

Denim has been huge this year, especially all denim.  Denim 2 pieces, blazers and trousers, headbands, heels, a bag and many more.  It is giving 90s which is also hugely back in this year.  I have not bought into this trend as I think it's quiet a young trend, although I have been tempted by a denim blazer as I love a 2 piece and this would be a stylish and cool option.  I also love wearing double denim, but can't see myself buying a denim bag or shoes.

6) Cargo pants 

Definitely not a trend I have considered even trying this year as in my opinion it's very young and cool. I wore this trend also as a teenager, it is a style that has come back around as most do.  Only my cargo pants had dangly bits on them.  I am being influenced by Pinterest though, look how cool these ladies have styled them below.

7) Headbands and hair bows 

This trend comes along with the Mary Jane style and almost makes the style very China doll.  If you are wearing a Mary Jane shoe, a headband or a bow and maybe a tweed jacket, you are rocking the China doll Chanel trend.  I have not tried the headband trend, nor do I think it's my thing, but it's very cute.  I have however bought some hair bows, a little late to the game and I plan to try them for New Year.

8) Monochrome 

Monochrome this year has been super chic.  It is a very simple way to look stylish.  I have worn this a lot this year and have absolutely loved it.  Monochrome is also a key trend that has always been in the Chanel heritage and I am obsessed with anything Chanel.

9) The colours grey and red 

This Autumn/Winter we have seen the rise of the colours grey and Red.  They have been the IT colours of the season.  I have bought into both these trends wearing a tonal look of grey trousers and a grey jumper with a cherry red bag and shoes.  It has been my favourite look of the year.

10) Barbie core 

The Barbie advertising was huge this year and the world went barbie core mad.  Pink was the colour of the season and love heart bags were massive across every designer possible.  I did not buy into this trend but I watched the movie and really loved it.

11) The bomber jackets 

I saw my favourite influencers wearing the bomber jacket styled with tailored trousers and trainers and it looked really great.  I have not tried this one yet, but I plan to give it a go in 2024.

12) Silver jewellery 

Towards the end of the year we saw silver jewellery hugely take over.  It started with the viral Bottega earrings being introduced and bought in Silver and then expanded to hoops and everything else.  They look really good with grey and I have never considered Silver jewellery until now, showing the power of being influenced!

13) Tonal clothing 

Wearing a tonal outfit has been my favourite thing of this year.  I have my favourite trousers from H&M in about 7 different colours and I have been wearing matching tonal jumpers with them as my signature look.

14) Cow boy boots 

 Cow boy boots during festival season became really big and then throughout Winter they transitioned into more simple black leather versions.  These are definitely for the more fashion forward and brave and I haven't been confident enough to wear them.  However I would wear the black leather style during Winter with a simple dress, this is how you wear a trend in a simpler way, without having to wear the most out there version.

15) Anything Loewe

 Loewe was the 2023 number one brand and it was seen everywhere.  Loewe tank tops, loewe puzzle bag and Loewe brooch.  You name it, it was super popular and the brand of the year.  I got myself a Loewe brooch this year to include myself in this trend and I love it.

While it is hard to predict what is to come as we are so influenced by the world of celebrities and social media and movies, we can look at what the designers are putting out for Spring/Summer and predict what may be to come.  Here are 8 trends that I predict for 2024:

1) Ballet pumps -  These are here to stay for 2024 and I am here for it.  I am even thinking about investing in a Chanel pair.

2) Anything Sofia Richie is here to stay - The IT girl is going nowhere for 2024 and I can't wait to see what she influences.

3) Preloved - Although this has been a trend for a few years, it's going to be even bigger for 2024 and although it has mainly been bags and accessories up until now, I see preloved ready to wear being huge in 2024.

4) Shirts - The classic oversized shirt is going to be huge for 2024 as part of the 90s redo trend.  Wear them with simple jeans and look super trendy.

5) Short shorts - This barely there short trend seems to be all over the catwalk for next year and I have seen Kendal Jenner wearing them also.  Not a trend I can see myself wearing, I do prefer the longer hemlines

6) White dresses - Also seen all over the catwalk is the white dress.   From sheer embroidery to broderie anglaise and pleats to the bodycon.  This is the new little black dress for 2024.  Perfect for anyone getting married in 2024, they will have plenty of hen party dresses to pick from.


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