Stocking filler gift guide

The time has officially arrived for me to start my gift guides!  I am feeling really Christmassy this year as the weather is so bad!  Autumn has been very wet and windy and it has made me want to be fully cosy and Christmassy.  I'm going to start the gift guides with the stocking fillers and keeping the budget £20 and under.  If the items I have listed are too expensive for you, I hope I have given you ideas and you can find more affordable alternatives.  There will also not be any gimmicky stocking filler items that you would consider junk, as I always want the items to be things that will be used.  Make the items things that you need to use everyday or treats that can be eaten and used.  We all have a list of affordable items in our Amazon basket that we never buy right? These are the types of items that we should be putting in as stocking fillers.  I have included some gender-neutral categories and some that have items for both.

Category 1 - Satin eye masks

I am big into anti ageing at the moment and satin and silk masks are meant to be very good to help prevent this.  Also if you are a traveller and fly a lot, this will be the best item for you to get some sleep on the plain.

Category 2 - Drinks tumbler 

I am really into smoothies for breakfast at the moment and this jar is absolutely perfect for it.  Or you might know someone who loves to have an iced coffee and would really like this.  Or maybe you just want a safe container for your drink next to your laptop.

Category 3 - Face halo

I swear by face halo's, they take off your makeup sustainably and mean you don't need to double cleanse as it counts as a cleanse.  This saves so much product for me.  Also in a world where we are into sustainability, this product is great.  If getting all 3 is a little bit too much for you, they do sell them singular.

Category 4 - Alcohol/non alcohol spirit.

As someone who doesn't drink, I still love to feel like I'm creating something special and enjoying something with everyone else while they are drinking.  So whether you drink or not, receiving a drink you can put in your drinks cabinet and enjoy through Christmas is special.  You could even add all the extra bits to make the drink if you have something in mind, like a mini lemonade or some peppercorns if it's gin.

Category 5 - Candle lighter or matches

It is the season for candles and cosy vibes and although candles might be pushing the boat out for a stocking filler, you can always gift some matches or a long lighter that they can use throughout the candle season.

Category 6 - Hot Beverages

Gift someone who is obsessed with going to Starbucks or coffee shops to get unique drinks, some drinks of their own.  I love to make a chai latte or matcha latte in the afternoon as a pick me up and it's so much cheaper than a coffee shop!!!

Category 7 - Phone charging

I love a bit of tech and this charger is so nifty and easy.  As it also makes a stand, it's great to charge your phone while also using it.  I love that this is compatible for iPhone and also android .  In a world obsessed with their phones, this is a great gift.

Category 8 - Socks

Everyone needs socks and no one likes buying them, so I think this is the most obvious thing to put into a stocking that will be greatly received.  Again keep it neutral and classic and you can't go wrong.

Category 9 - Chocolates

Make a note of the favourite type of chocolate the person you are making the stocking for likes and buy something that suits, whether it's chocolate orange, pistachio or lindt.  My husband is obsessed with pistachio and you can buy pistachio lindt on Amazon!

Category 10 - Beauty blenders

 I was doing my makeup this morning and realised that I never like replacing my beauty blender or never remember!  This would be a great one for those who like doing their makeup.


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