Luxury gift guide

Welcome to my 2023 Luxury gift guide for the person who has everything and loves the ultimate luxury items.  What do you buy someone who has everything?  You have to think out of the box and get creative.  Here are some categories to help give you some inspiration.  You can tailor these categories to be gender appropriate if you need and you can go more affordable or even more expensive depending on your budget.  I would absolutely love to receive any of these gifts.  The price category I have gone for is ranging from £40 to £300, so hopefully this touches all luxury gifts for a Mum or a partner.  I have linked my previous years gift guides as well if you need a little more inspiration.

Category 1 - Candles 

Candles can be very expensive and personally if I'm buying a candle it's from homesense. I'm not spending a lot of money on one even if I want to.  A fragrance can be very personal as well, so I recommend that you look at what their favourite fragrance is on their dressing table and you buy the matching candle.  For me it would be the Tom Ford tobacco vanille candle and I would love to receive that as a gift.

Category 2 - Luxury bath care

Treat someone to the most luxury bath care they could possibly have, again maybe in their favourite fragrance if they have one.  Whether the person you are gifting loves a bath or shower, or you are encouraging them to take some time to themselves.  This is a lovely gift.

Category 3 - Luxury hand creams

These are the most extra things in the world, but if I received these I would die.  Imagine popping this out of your handbag and casually applying out in public.  Very extra and very boujee.

Category 4 - Luxury face mask

This has been on my luxury gift guide before and for good reason!  This is such a popular device for skincare and it's a brand that professionals use.  Whether you have acne or anti aging skin worries, this has you covered!  It has the most LED lights that I have seen on a mask of this price, making it the best value for money.  If you love a good facial, this is going to be amazing for you, or if like me you want to get into the facial game then this is a great introduction to do alongside hydra facials for example.

Category 5 - Luxury pouch

This velvet green pouch is absolutely stunning and can be used in so many ways.  You can get it embroidered with your name or keep it plain.  You can use it as a makeup bag or even as a clutch for a Christmas night out.  They also have a white option for a bride where you can get bride or your new Mrs name embroidered at the front.

Category 6 - Skincare

Every year at Christmas I ask for an expensive skin care piece that preferably I don't have to buy myself.  I don't treat myself to expensive skincare often, it's usually a treat I receive at Christmas.  Every single one of these I would be thrilled to receive.  If you know someone who is very specific with their skincare, then repurchase their favourites.  If you know someone who likes it, but likes trying new things, then branch out and buy something they haven't tried before.

Category 8 - Leather goods

This is specifically a good gift for a Man as they tend to batter their wallets quicker than us Women by stuffing them in their trouser pockets.  Treat your Man to a new one this year, maybe even a fancy one for occasions where he might want to feel fancier.  I also like to have a few in different colours for different handbags, so if you have a black one already, ask for a tan one to go with your brown bags.

Category 8 -  Laduree sweet treats

These are for the ultimate luxury girly girl who maybe loves trips to Paris as well.  Not only are the treats delicious, but the packaging is the most aesthetically pleasing thing ever that you wouldn't want to throw it away.  I would personally find something to store in it and keep it on display.  Maybe turn it into a vase for fake flowers and display it somewhere.

Category 9 - Veja's

Veja's have been my most worn shoes of 2022 and 2023.  I can't even tell you how great and comfy they have been.  The simplistic design of them makes them look so chic with everything.  I highly recommend these for anyone who loves a pair of trainers or someone trying to get into wearing them.

Category 10 - Luggage holdalls

 Luggage holdalls are a great gift for someone who travels often for work or for events, or even just likes to go away for weekends.  This particular one from stackers is amazing for events.  It folds out into a clothes protector and then fold up into a weekend bag. If you were going away for a business meeting or even a wedding, you could have your suit or wedding outfit in the bag and when you fold it up you could have the rest of your belongings inside.  It could be an extra accessory to a small weekend suitcase or even if you didn't need much, it could carry all your items.  I think this is a genius idea and would definitely help with protecting your items or even preventing extra ironing on arrival.


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