Affordable gift guide

I think this is the hardest category and the most useful category for myself and I hope for all of you as well.  Gifting a colleague or a friend something that is affordable, but seems like you've spent money and time thinking about the gift is very difficult.  A budget of £50 plus is a lot easier to spend, but £35 and under is really hard.  You don't always get a lot for your money these days, so it takes a lot of research to find things that are good.  I have tried to do this for you in 10 categories suitable for men and women and all different types of relationships, so hopefully there is something useful here for you!  As always, if you like the categories, you can choose to find a cheaper alternative or even a more luxury alternative depending on your budget.  I would love to receive any of these gifts.

Category 1 - A book and chocolate

I love this category and I think it's very versatile to everyone depending on your book interests.  You may love to read a novel, or read self help books or you might love to cook or alternatively just like to have them as coffee table books or decorations.  But I believe there is a book for everyone and it's really lovely to receive it with a chocolate that matches it with the colour scheme.

Category 2 - Umbrella

We live in the UK and for pretty much all of us, this category is self explanatory as we go through so many umbrellas.  It's not often we treat ourselves to a nice umbrella, we are usually just replacing our last one with another affordable one.  Why not gift someone a beautiful wooden handle umbrella that they can can use and wear with pride.

Category 3 - Sleep wear 

Christmas is the time to receive pyjamas.  I can pretty much say that 75% of my pyjamas I was given at Christmas and that is the way it should be.  Whether they are cosy fleece pyjamas or smart satin pyjamas, there's nothing better than going into New Year with fresh pairs and getting rid of some old ones.

Category 4 - Skincare

Looking after your skin is so important and Christmas is the perfect time to try new skincare brands out and products while they are doing their affordable skin sets.  You can save so much money trying it this way and then later deciding if you like them and buying the full size product. I also believe that skincare is the ultimate selfcare you can give yourself and these Zoe Ayla sets would be perfect for a pamper evening followed by some of these Caudalie sets.  

Category 5 - Bath oil and a sweet treat

L'Occitane is such a great brand and receiving any bath and shower oil and product would be the ultimate luxury for anyone.  Pair it with a candle or chocolate to make it the perfect duo.

Category 6 - Bath and body works candles

I have recently discovered bath and body works candles and they are simply the best for the price.  Candles can be very expensive and I will talk about some of those in my luxury gift guide, but if you're looking for a more affordable candle that is good quality, then these are it!  I love that they have all packaging in the plain styles, but also in a festive style depending on your taste in décor.  This dark velvet oud candle specifically is very high on my Wishlist.  You could pair this with some long length matches or a lighter to finish it off perfectly.

Category 7 - Slippers

I buy new slippers every year as a treat and it is so nice to be gifted them instead of having to buy them.  These ones from Jack Wills look really cosy and very classic but discounted at the moment at a very good price.

Category 8 - Personalised Quality Street

Every year I include this category as I just simply love it.  Gift someone a  box of their favourite quality streets with their name on it.  It couldn't get any better than that!  This year the limited edition chocolate is Coffee Crème, which is only available in the personalised boxes.

Category 9 - Wireless Headphones

Not everybody has made the transition from wired headphones to wireless yet or have the budget to buy the iPod versions.  Help someone to try the modern version by gifting them these, or even gift someone who already uses the more affordable version, because if they are anything like mine then they do need replacing a little more regularly.

Category 10 - Gloves

My final category is gloves because our Winters get cold.  Most years I lose a pair of gloves and need to replace them!  Or I have a comfy pair but need a smart pair or I have some black ones but need some brown.  Gloves can be the ultimate fashion accessory, so they need to also be considered as much as a scarf or a coat. I think if you have a pair of warm gloves and leather gloves in black, brown and then a maroon colour, you have the ultimate winter collection.


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