October favourites look

 October is still such a funny month as it feels like August/September.  We hit 25 degrees in October, what is going on??  I have been manifesting Autumn weather and it just hasn't been around.  Autumn styling is my absolute favourite though as you can have so much fun with layering and you have a lot more options for styling compared to Summer.  We are going to Japan on 22nd October for 2 weeks and the weather over there is 18 to 23 degrees , so still wearing some of our Summer clothes and when we get back I am praying it is full Autumn vibes and I can start wearing all the jackets, coats and boots.

What I’ve bought this month:

1) Asos pink striped maxi dress - I got sucked in by the Barbie theme this year and saw this dress and fell in love.  I'm looking forward to wearing this when we go away next year.  I don't always buy pieces with occasions in mind, I do like to collect pieces and be ready for any occasion.  This particular dress reminded me of Missoni and I wish I had it last year for the Maldives, but we will be going to Malaysia and Bali next year so will wear it then.

2) H&M striped cardigan with gold buttons - I have seen this style cardigan absolutely everywhere from websites such as Massimo Dutti and even Celine, but this one is just as fabulous for a fraction of the price.  It looks so much more expensive that it is.  

3) Zara classic white t-shirt - I have been on the hunt for a heavyweight white t-shirt and so many people recommended Cos and Uniqlo, but they are £25 for a t-shirt and I think that is expensive!  This one from Zara is a lot more affordable and is the perfect heavy weight fabric.

4) H&M white gold button cardigan - This White cardigan with the gold buttons is really chic, it's the dressy version of a jumper.  When this is styled done up with tailored trousers, it looks so chic or even dressing up jeans!

5) Vinted red loafers - I got some gorgeous deep red loafers from Vinted, which is the colour of the Season! I just need to get a matching bag and I am good to go with the cherry red trend!

6) H&M skims dupe maxi dress - This dress from H&M is such a dupe for Skims!! It is so comfortable to wear around the house with a linen shirt over the top or a jumper when it gets colder.

7) H&M off white trousers - These trousers are my favourite from H&M, I have them in about 6 colours.  They are the perfect length for me as I am only 5'3.  I have styled these with the white gold button cardigan above and it is a gorgeous tonal look, but I have also styled it with the blazer below for a more tailored chic look.

8) H&M off white blazer - I have been on the hunt for an off white blazer for ages, something to throw over your shoulders in Summer in the evening and it will go with everything!  I really love how it looks with jeans and also with the above tailored trousers it looks really chic and you can dress it up with ballet pumps or down with trainers.

9) L’OrĂ©al Paris tinted moisturiser and serum duo set - I am in love with this duo on my skin as I am in my no foundation era.  My skin looks so much better for it and it doesn't look cakey.  What I find is the serum just gives me a slight tan and a glow, so when I add on the rest of my makeup it looks really good.  If I have any blemishes I just go in with my concealer.

10) H&M loungewear set -  I am so not a loungewear girl, but I decided I needed something for my long haul flight to Japan this month and this is the one I chose!  It is so soft and cosy and I can't wait to wear it!

On my way wish list:

1) Ulla Johnson dresses and tops - I have only recently discovered this brand and I love it, especially for the big sleeve tops and dresses.

2) Tiffany mugs - I would feel so extra if I had my morning coffee in a Tiffany mug.

3) lily silk shirts and dresses - I knew about Lily silk last year, but I have only really been super interested this year as I have seen so many influences wearing it.  These are some of my favourite picks.

4) Two bags on my wish list - I have a big and a small bag on my wish list for this month and they are DeMellier New York bag and the Ralph Lauren Herringbone mini shoulder bag.  I think the DeMellier bag is the perfect everyday bag when you are going into the city and you need to have your umbrella and sunglasses with you and lots of room.  It looks really stylish while being functional.  The Ralph Lauren bag would look so cute as a small bag in Winter! I love the ides of wearing this with a wool coat!  The best thing about these two bags is they are under £500!!

5) Hermes reversible H belt - I love how this belt looks, it's very quiet luxury and I love the 2 in 1 aspect as you are getting so much more belt for your money!!

6) Hermes oasis sandal - These sunglasses are so chic and would elevate and outfit when it comes to Summer.  I definitely don't need these as we are heading into Winter, but they are on my wish list to purchase for next year.

7) Heaven mayhem earrings - I have recently been introduced to this brand for statement earrings and I am obsessed!! These are some of my favourites.

8) Reiss Delilah heels - I love the two tone of these heels, it screams Chanel and this would look so good with an all black outfit.  I am going to wait for these as they usually do an amazing sale in January and these heels will drop to £55!


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