Autumn/Winter lookbook

I am so excited to officially start wearing my Autumn/Winter outfits.  We didn't really have a proper Summer, so we didn't properly get to enjoy dressing full Summer for very long.  I always love seasonal dressing and the switch up!  So this Autumn and Winter I am prepared to go in hard to dressing for the season!  I was buying coats in August I was so ready for it!  This year I am going to be enjoying tailored looks, neutrals and tonal outfits!  I placed an order on H&M for a few key pieces, but a lot of the items included, like my last look book, are items I already own.  You don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe every season, you just need to buy a few key pieces to mix in with the wardrobe you already have to give it a refresh and a new feel.  I have 8 looks to show you and I will try my best to link everything below or anything similar I can find. I am wearing the Celine belt throughout the looks and also some ballet pumps from ASOS.  Here is a similar pair from Next - ballet pumps.

1) LOOK 1 - This very neutral look is a very smart but relaxed look.  I love how the cardigan worn open makes the tailored trousers look more casual.  If you wanted to dress it up further you could do up the cardigan as it has the style of a jacket.  I have this also in black so would wear the exact same look with the black cardigan and maybe swap the trousers for a different colour.  This was fully styled from pieces I already have, so I will try and link alternatives.

2) LOOK 2 - I have had these white trousers for years and never worn them, so I decided I would try and style them and came up with loads of looks I really liked.  This all white look looks really chic with the khaki green blazer thrown over the top.  This would be the perfect look to add colour to if you wanted, it's the perfect neutral base. This was fully styled from pieces I already have, so I will try and link alternatives.

3) LOOK 3 - I think this might be my favourite outfit of this Look book as I love this full Greige tonal look.  I think it looks really stylish and sleek.   The jumper here is new and the rest is already in my wardrobe, so I'll link alternatives.

4) LOOK 4 -  This fourth look again is a tonal look, which I am loving and this time it's all blue.  I am enjoying styling jeans with a t-shirt and blazer that are the same colour.  I have done this with grey, beige and also with white and it's very effortlessly stylish.  This blazer was actually from Vinted and the jeans and t-shirt old Zara.

5) LOOK 5 - This look is my first skirt of the look book.  This satin skirt is A-line, which is a little bit different to the straight satin skirt that everyone has been wearing.  I have thrown over a cropped jumper and it looks really chic, you could tuck it in but I think it looks more casual left out.  Both the skirt and jumper is new and I will link below.

Same turtleneck as look 3

6) LOOK 6 - Look 6 is a classic for this time of year as I have seen people wearing a striped button cardigan everywhere this season.  I have styled it with my classic H&M straight leg trousers, I have these in 5 colours and couldn't recommend them enough.  This cardigan was from H&M and it sold out so quickly, but I will link a similar one below.

7) LOOK 7 - This full neutral look was one I randomly styled from pieces I have had in my wardrobe for years and have hardly worn and I love it!! Another outfit that is so easy and simple to throw together, but looks so stylish.  I shall try and link alternatives below.

Same jeans as look 2

8) LOOK 8 - My final look again is styled from pieces I already owned, except for the belt which is new!  It's an Amazon find that looks like another designer I don't need to name!  I love a belted blazer in Autumn, I think it's such an easy way to smarten up your outfit!  I would wear this also with heels and make it even more stylish with leather trousers!


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