Dress as if you're wearing Dior

Dior is one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world with such a huge history.  I adore the heritage and the classiness and I want to help you create the look on more of a budget.  If we could buy all Dior I'm sure we would, but that is a luxury not many of us can afford.  In the fashion world, Christian Dior made one of the biggest and most influential changes in Women fashion history by introducing the New Look in 1947 after World war 2.  It set the tone for the post war era and redefined women's style for years to come.  These styles can still be seen today throughout Dior's modern collections on the runway.  The main elements for the New Look were the silhouettes where they changed from the utilitarian styles of wartime fashion to the nipped in the waist, full bust and voluminous skirts and emphasised a women's figure.  The skirts were full, the length was longer, corsets were used, the shoulders softer and rounder, fabrics were often tulle and silk and they were elegant.  If you want to watch a film that makes you feel like you're in the Dior world, please go and watch Mrs Harris in Paris as you will love it!

There are many ways you can dress to emulate a Dior look and I have given some examples of actual Dior pieces on the left and items that are more affordable that emulate the real item on the right:

1) Peplum Jackets - The bar jacket was part of the New Look revolution and is hugely famous and iconic for showing off a Women's hourglass figure.  It was designed to be worn for cocktail hour in hotel bars in Paris and I absolutely love that!

2) Tailored belted Jackets -  This belted jacket on the left is something that I see styles of on the high street and automatically think it looks like it's Dior.  I have found this one on the right, but you could also add your own belt on the top of a jacket that you own to create the style and shape.

3) Toile de Jouy - This print is just so iconic to Dior.  It can be worn on different styles of clothes and also be seen on fabrics around the home.  The longer hemline, the relaxed shoulders and the print are things that you see in a lot of Dior designs.  It's such a sophisticated but fun style of dress that can be dressed up or down.  I am so fussy with my prints but the toile de jouy never goes out of style.

4) Tulle skirts - A Tulle skirt just reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw but ultimately it is a Dior Look.  This skirt with the peplum jacket or the cropped jacket with the belt that are above, would be the most stylish Dior Look ever.  I would look at anyone in that and know they know what they are doing.

5) Swimwear - Dior isn't particularly popular for it's swimwear but I could not see this Dior swimsuit and this one from Cider and not mention them as they are so similar!

6) Accessories - Pair your outfit with elegant accessories like classic pumps, pearl jewellery and a structures handbag.  If you own any Dior accessories like a handbag or a belt, this would be the perfect item to pair with your outfit to make the whole thing tie in authentically.

7) Longer hemlines - Dresses that are fuller with pleats and below the knee will automatically give the sophisticated and vintage feel that you are looking for.  I imagine this being one of the first styles that Women would have worn as it still has a slight utilitarian look to it with the shirt and belted style but it is far more relaxed and it has the cinched in waist and fuller skirt.

8) The New Look dress with corsetry - The main points of the Dior New look is a cinched in waist, fuller skirt with a longer hemline and corseted waist to create a bust and this dress has all of those things!!  You can get even more affordable than this reformation one as a dupe, I have one from H&M.  But this one looks so identical to the Dior one that I had to include it.


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