August favourites

Our Summer has been aweful!!! I am holding onto the small Summer we had when we went to Rome and included it here in my August post.  Do we still have enough time to have a small Summer in the rest of August and September? who knows!! H&M and other stores have already started putting their Autumn collections out and I am so here for it and excited to start curating my Autumn and Winter wardrobe.  You won't see any of that in this post though, that'll be in September and October's probably!!  Hope you enjoy seeing what I have purchased this month and what I wish to be buying in the future.

What I have bought this month:

1) H&M green linen 2 piece - I bought this to wear to Rome and I absolutely loved it!  It was very comfortable and an outfit that looked good with trainers which was perfect for all the walking!  I love an outfit that can be dressed down but also dressed up.  If I put this with sandals and a pair of statement earrings, it easily elevates it.

2) Valentino basket bag - I bought this bag from 24s which is a retailer for many of the LVMH designer brands.  I got it for 15% off for being a first time customer, so I got a bargain!  An Italian brand to go with the Italian trip we went on this year!  I love the fact this is a bag you hold for Summer, it feels like a basket bag although the weave is actually leather! 

3) Zimmerman style dress from Nuqico - I spotted this dress on tiktok with some very clever advertising and I just fell in love.  I assumed and so did everyone in the comments, that it was a Zimmerman piece but it wasn't!  It was an instagram brand and I messaged them immediately.  It's a beautiful dress but I do need to get it tailored as there's a little bit too much fabric in the skirt for me.  I can’t link the below dress but go and find them on instagram at @nuqico

4) New look heel tan sandals - I really needed a Summer heel sandal that I could wear with an outfit to elevate it without wearing proper heels.  These ones reminded me so much of the Hermes Oasis sandals. 

5) A Scarf from Rome - I found a little quirky shop down the streets of Rome that had so many scarfs and I just couldn't resist getting one.  I can see me wearing it wrapped round my waist with a swimsuit on our next beach holiday!  Here I have linked one that would also look really great on a beach holiday. 

6) Gold earrings from Rome - I have decided I am going to start collecting jewellery from the places we travel to so I have a jewellery collection full of memories.  The pair I bought caught my eye immediately and are so beautiful and unique.  I have linked some of my favourite gold earrings below as I can't link the ones I purchased as they are a one off from a little independent shop. 

7) Green Abercrombie dress - I love a puff sleeve and I had been looking at this dress for ages and then it came in the sale and I got 20% off!  The Rich green colour is really beautiful and looks amazing with gold jewellery.  Unfortunately the dress sold out after the Sale, so here is the same dress in a beautiful blue print. 

8) Zara cutwork embroidery crop top - This top I tried on with the Palazzo trousers below and it just looked like such a chic all white outfit, perfect for days you want to be more modest or it's a little bit cooler.  It would also look really lovely with a white midi skirt.  I have seen some beautiful A line ones on Zara and H&M. 

9) Zara palazzo linen trousers - These trousers have been such a win for me this Summer so far with this weird weather we have had.  I have worn it with the above top, but also with tank tops and a white linen shirt thrown over.  It's so versatile to wear casually or with heels to dress up.  Because they are palazzo, they can be dressed up and they are just a very trendy linen trouser. 

On my wishlist:

1) Celine tan slide sandals - These Celine sandals are a great alternative to the Hermes Oran sandals which are everywhere.

2) Green bags - I love a green bag and would love one to go with my green Manolo's.  These are my favourite 3 at the moment, but the Green Bvlgari wins my heart. 

3) Summer bags - I am really into unique bags that not everyone has and these 2 are perfect for Summer evenings.  How beautiful is the lace in this Stella McCartney bag? and this Celine bag would look so special in the evening with a beautiful linen dress.

4) Fragrances -  These were both the fragrances I fell in love with in the airport on the way home from Rome.  The Chanel one was a beautiful deep rose, but not too sweet and floral which I expected it to be!  The Guerlain one was very similar to the Mimosa and Cardamon Jo Malone fragrance but much stronger. 

5) Flossy by Freddy dress - I have been in love with this dress since I first saw Freddie's flog where she showcased them.  It is such a vibe and reminds me so much of Pretty Women. 

6) Massimo Dutti pieces - Massimo Dutti is always a win and has the classiest designs.  It is 100% my style at the moment, but the prices are a little pricey for buying all the time, so they have to be really considered pieces.  This is a selection of my favourites on the website right now.

7) Orelia vintage bracelet - This bracelet I spotted when I was having a browse, it surprised me as it looks really expensive.  This would look amazing with Summer dresses, I love the vintage design of it.

8) Dissh dress - The Dissh dress that forever has my heart - I need the black one for Winter this year!  It looks like the most flattering and floaty dress ever!  I think it would also look really beautiful in Autumn in the nude with black accessories. 

9) Hunzag swimwear - Everyone is talking about hunzag as a comfy swimwear option and I need to try them!!  I think you can't go wrong with a classic stripe and it's a one size fits all!!! 


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