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In June, My husband and I decided to spend a long weekend in Rome.  It had been on my wish list to travel to for a while and once a year we are trying to spend a long weekend in a different place in Europe.  Last year it was Paris and I don't know where it will be next year yet.  As usual, we always write a strict itinerary and book all of our tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.  This is our favourite way to travel as we know we will get to do everything we want to and won't need to come back to see something we missed.  We booked our trip as a package through EasyJet, but I actually think next time we might do it separately and book our accommodation through  You can get a bigger living space that way as our hotel was very small and not usually what we would go for.  Not that we were there very much, it was literally just somewhere for us to lay our heads as we were so busy.  As we did with Paris, we booked all our tickets in advance through Get your guide, which means that you skip the line at all the big attractions.  This saves you so much time and you get an English speaking guided tour so you learn so much.  In this post I am going to show you our itinerary and pictures and a few tips and tricks if you are interested in travelling to Rome.

Afternoon of the 1st day :

We arrived on the first day at our hotel at 3pm - This was our most relaxed and non itinerary day as it was our arrival day and we weren't arriving till late lunch.  We just walked to the Spanish steps and had a browse, walked round the Villa Borghese gardens and found somewhere to have some pizza for dinner.  It felt extremely hot and I struggled to climatise so we just took it very relaxed and chilled.  We had a super early night as we had travelled all night and we were due to have a very early morning the next day.

Day Two:

This was our first full day in Rome - We woke up super early at 4.30am and headed to the Trevi fountain.  We arrived at 5.30am and it was the best decision that we made the whole trip and so worth it.  We were one of about 6 couples there and we were able to take loads of pictures and videos where it looked like we were the only ones there!  This is a far cry from what the videos on TikTok show it to be where you can't even see it it's so busy!

From here we walked to Trastevere and picked up the most incredible warm pistachio croissants on route, which started our obsession for the rest of the trip!  This was such a nice walk as it was still so quiet!! Trastevere has the quirkiest and prettiest street and I really loved it for pictures.

At 9am we headed over to Castel St Angelo which I will have to say I do think you can skip if you'd rather do other things, but it did mean we got to walk by the River and see a different side to Rome which was really beautiful.  We got the bus there this time to give our legs a break as we had already walked a while and still had a long day left.  It was still only 9am!  The busses are very good, google maps will tell you which ones you can catch and you only have to scan your card on a screen.  Pretty similar to if you're in London.  You can get travel cards from shops though, but we chose to scan as we went.  By the time we finished we had a long time before our next appointment at 2pm, so we decided to go home and have a rest and charge our phones in preparation for the next exciting part of the day.

We had tickets at 2pm for the Vatican city Museum, Sistine Chapel and St Peters Basilica, so we headed there after our rest.  We met our guide who took us all over to the museum.  He was so passionate and talked non stop for 3 hours!  The Ceilings in the Vatican museum were just mesmerising and I couldn't get over them.  We left the tour with very sore feet after a long day and our heads buzzing from an overload of information, but it was incredible!  You have to cover up when you're in the Sistine Chapel or they won't let you in, so I had a midi linen dress on with a linen shirt over my shoulders and my husband wore linen trousers and a linen shirt also.

We were so hot when we came out as it was so crammed in there, so we headed straight for some Gelato.  Our first gelato experience in Rome!! It was delicious, but dripped all over me and I had to travel home with sticky hands!  We chose a Pistachio and Nutella combination.

We got all dressed up when we got home as we had dinner planned with friends at Osteria da fortunata for 8pm.  What are the chances you have friends in Rome at the same time?? So of course we had to go for dinner!  Osteria da fortunata was a restaurant I had seen all over TikTok and it's also one of Stanley Tucci's favourite restaurants and it did not disappoint!! You do have to queue when you arrive but it goes fairly quickly.  There is a lady who is making fresh pasta in the window and this creates such a vibe!  My pasta dish was the best that I have ever had and we finished off with Tiramisu which was so yummy!!

We finished off the evening by heading to see the Colosseum at night.  I do love to see big attractions in the day and the evening, we did with the Eiffel tower and Louvre in Paris and the Colosseum did not disappoint!  We went to bed at 12pm after the longest but most fun day ever!

Day Three:

We started our second full day in Rome by heading to the Colosseum as we had tickets booked for 9am for a guided tour through get your guide.  It was for the Colosseum, Palatine and Roman forum!  The lady who took the tour was so lovely and taught us so much!  Again this tour was 3 hours but as it was first thing in the morning, our feet weren't as sore afterwards, so we didn't need to go and rest!

That was it for our plans for our day, so we decided we would just enjoy some shopping in the hub of Rome.  We headed back to the Trevi fountain and it was rammed!  We were so happy we decided to go when we did as we would have been disappointed if we had been when it was this busy.  It was a really good busy to be in the bubbly atmosphere for trying food and going into quirky shops.  We enjoyed some pistachio gelato, pistachio Cannoli and then had some pizza!  I also bought a beautiful Italian scarf and some lovely gold earrings. With tired feet we headed home from a busy but very fulfilling few days in Rome and began to pack for our early start home the next day.  Our taxi was arriving at 7.30 am to take back to the airport to fly home! 

If you are planning a trip to Rome, I hope you have fun planning and I hope you found my post helpful!


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