Dress as if you're wearing Missoni


Missoni is an Italian fashion brand known for its iconic knitwear designs. It was founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953. The couple initially started by producing knitwear for other fashion houses but soon decided to create their own label.  5 years later they released their first collection, which was the official showcase of the signature colourful, zigzag pattern knits that very quickly became popular.
The brand's unique designs and innovative use of colours and patterns set it apart in the fashion industry.  Today, the Zigzag style has become instantly recognizable and is often associated with luxury and high fashion.  I see it as a Summer design and something I would wear on a warm summer day or on the beach.

More popular than current Missoni in the fashion world today is vintage Missoni.  The vintage pieces are highly sought after and are considered both collectible and fashionable.  If you come across vintage Missoni pieces, they can be a wonderful addition to your wardrobe or a valuable addition to a fashion collection, offering a glimpse into the brand's rich heritage and its influential role in the world of fashion.

If you really like the Missoni look but it's a bit too pricey, in this post today I am going to offer your some alternatives to shopping the high price tags and show you some stores that sell items that emulate that look.  Please don't count how many times I say the word iconic.....

1) River Island knit dresses - Both these River Island dresses have the very iconic shape of a Missoni knit dress, including the squares on the cups, the colours and the stripes.  I wish I had found these before my Maldives trip as they would have been perfect for dancing the night away.

2) Asos swimwear - Missoni swim wear is also very iconic.  Matching swimwear and trousers would be the ideal scenario, which both of these also have on Asos.  The right version is my favourite and would look really chic with the trousers.  I need to book a beach holiday asap!

3) By Malina knit dresses - These options from the brand By Malina are also very iconic with the Chevron.  They are a little bit pricier, but still far cheaper than Missoni!  The left one is a perfect beach cover up and the other two can be worn casually in the day or dressed up for the evening.

4) Chevron trousers - These Chevron trousers are the perfect beach cover up accessory to go with a bikini when you're on holiday.  They would look super chic and cool.

5) Shein Knit dress - I'm not usually one to buy from Shein, but this one is a really good key piece.  If you're planning on buying a piece and keeping it in your wardrobe for years, you are at least showing your are using the piece sustainably.

6) Mango dresses - These 3 dresses from Mango are so iconic to Missoni and not only for their Chevron print and stripes.  The right dress has this very loose fitting, almost Grecian style top with the tie waist and flowing midi skirt, accompanied with the horizontal stripes.  I have seen many Missoni pieces like this.

7) Pretty little thing Chevron dress -  This bohemian style Chevron maxi dress is a really lovely piece if you want that Missoni look.  I would wear this over a bikini for a casual look or with wedges for that lovely holiday evening vibe.

8) Matalan chevron set - This is the first two piece I have successfully found that hasn't had one half out of stock!! Again to sound like a broken record, I would wear these together for a lovely evening look in the Summer or the trousers with swimwear for a day look at the beach.

9) Warehouse dresses - The halter style knit dress is super iconic Missoni.  These two are very wearable in the UK during the Summer, just pair them with some sandals and you are good to go.  Very Chic and really lovely pieces.

10) Anna Kosturova dress - Again the halter knit is super iconic Missoni.  I stumbled across this dress after researching a dress that Sofia Richie wore at her wedding and fell in love.  This is the perfect Summer piece.  I love the halter, horizontal stripes and the beautiful orange and pink colours.  The triangle shape of the stripes at the top is super iconic.  This piece is more expensive, but again it's definitely more affordable than Missoni.


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