Summer Lookbook

This year I thought I would do things a little bit different.  A lot of these items are new in my wardrobe, but I waited until I knew if I was going to keep them before I made this Look book.  Previously I have placed lots of orders, made a look book and then returned lots of them.  This is not sustainable or a true reflection of my wardrobe and items I would keep.  All of these items are in my wardrobe and I will be wearing them and styling them as I am in the pictures this year and for years to come.  As you can see, I have gone for a very tonal and tailored look this year with lots of clean and masculine shapes.  There’s a few feminine ones thrown in there but very tonal still.  This might be my favourite Summer look book I have ever done!  A lot of these items I have been collecting since the start of the year, so if the items are sold out I will link something similar.

1) LOOK 1 - Every year H&M bring out a midi linen dress like this and I love them.  I also bought last years and I lived in it.  The fitted bodice is really flattering on me as it's my smallest part and the long flowy skirt makes it more casual. Their choice of floral prints are also always spot on and I am really fussy with my floral prints.

2) LOOK 2 -  I wore this outfit into town shopping recently and I felt so cool!  The blazer made it feel really chic and also as there was still a small chill, it made me feel warm while still looking summery.  I love the mix of the rich tan against the black and also the cooler tones of beige.  This is a very simple look to recreate! 

3) LOOK 3 - I am obsessed with a waistcoat this year and this beige linen waist coat and short set is amazing.  It's super comfy and light weight for those really hot days, but I would still feel really stylish and put together.

4) LOOK 4 -  I really like wearing white broderie anglaise in the summer, it's really feminine and this one has the extra frill and puff shoulder to it for an extra touch.  Tan accessories against it really pop and I love lots of gold jewellery.

5) LOOK 5 - This look means business and I feel the business in it.  I love the tailored look of these straight leg trousers with the fitted waistcoat, I think with the oversized sunglasses this looks really cool.

6) LOOK 6 -  I feel very Zimmerman wearing this dress, not only with the print but the way the buttons go all the way down the middle.  It's beautifully designed and looks great with my tan accessories again.  This one is currently in the sale so grab it quick!

7) LOOK 7 -  This is a very simple look that has been styled to make it look pretty chic.  The Celine belt, gold necklace, big sunglasses and the linen shirt hanging on the arms are all ways that makes this outfit say 'I know how to style a simple outfit and elevate it to make it look cool'.

8) LOOK 8 -  This dress makes me feel very Audrey Hepburn and I am here for it!  All I am missing is my hair up and a silk twilly scarf tied in it and it would be perfection.


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