June favourites

June is the official month for the start of Summer and it always makes me super happy and feel very spendy.  Transitional seasons are the worst for me and when I spend the most money!  There are lots of Summer pieces below and also lots of Jewellery.  I feel like I am in my Jewellery era and I am really improving my collection and filling it with good quality pieces that will hopefully last a lifetime!

Items I have purchased this month:

1) Zara pearl heels - These heels are beautiful and the perfect height where they are between a kitten heel and a high heel.  They should be super comfortable for a party in the day where you want to look smart.  I would wear these with jeans or even with a white broderie anglaise dress in Summer.

2) Pink running top - This is as overflow item from end of April that was purchased for the London Marathon.  I ran in it for 26.2 miles at the end of April and it was the best!

3) YSL earrings - These are not the YSL earrings I bought, I got mine from Farfetch and they were the last pair and I haven't found anywhere else that sells them to show you.  They are a simple YSL logo stud in gold and I just love them.  These on the YSL website are simply beautiful though if you're looking for a pair of designer earrings, they are such a great shape.

4) Celine sunglasses - I have worn these Celine sunglasses to death since I have purchased them, I think they look so classy.  I now have my eyes on another pair which are a gold metal and look vintage!

5) H&M white linen shirt and shorts set with beige crop top - These 3 pieces styled together just look really clean and chic and go with so many other items as they are very versatile.  I have worn these so much already I can't even tell you.

6) Shein striped clutch bag - This bag just looked really lovely and I imaged wearing it on holiday to Dinner with a simple black outfit or even a plain beige blazer and trouser set.  Just need to book that holiday!

7) Black linen shorts - I bought these to wear with my black waistcoat and it looks like everything I imagined it would.  It's super classy and comfortable and can be worn in so many different ways.

8) Dune tan and black sliders -  These Dune sandals are in the sale for £35 which is such a good price!  I have bought both and already got so much wear out of them.  They are the most comfortable shoes!

9) Zara mole coloured heels -  These heels are the same colour as my Lady Dior bag and I really wanted to get some smart shoes that matched it if I wanted to dress up.  These are a perfect match and I was very happy to find them on Zara!! I didn't have to also splurge on Dior heels!

Items on my wishlist:

1) Carla Rockmore jewellery - I just love Carla Rockmore, she is my fashion idol and I was so excited when she came out with an enamel jewellery collection.  These 2 pieces are two of my favourites.

2) Current Body face mask - I have got so into my skin care now that I am in my 30s and this intrigues me.  I would very much like to try it and see how my skin changes.  I don't think the price is that bad either if you compare it to how much LED facials would cost.

3) 2 bags on my wishlist - I am on the hunt for a more casual everyday crossbody black bag and these two bags are top of my list!  I don't own a YSL bag yet either|!

4) Boden swimwear -  There's something about the swimwear that looks so expensive and I love the prints.  They almost look designer!  This is just one piece, but I honestly loved them all!

5) Massimo Dutti vest with trim -  The white trim on this black top makes it look really classy and chic and very Chanel vibes.  Coco Chanel loved doing this style on her clothes.  Pair this with a pair of wide leg trousers or even the black shorts above and it would look stunning.

6) Celine clutch bag - I am here for all the Celine clutches at the moment!  There are so many beautiful ones and they are only around the £500 mark, which I don't think is bad for Celine!  This would be such a statement with an outfit in the Summer!

7) Zara pearl beaded bag - If you have a wedding this year and need a bag, this is the one for you!  It can be worn over the shoulder which is super convenient or even tuck the strap in and wear it as a clutch.  This is a beautiful option that is super affordable.

8)  Esfir Jewell’s earrings -  I discovered this brand when I went to Pakistan and had my Nikkah reception.  The earrings on the right were gifted to me to borrow for the event and they were stunning!  I also saw the left ones in the store and also lusted after them!

9) Coach reversible belt -  This is a more affordable option for a reversible designer belt if you are after one, compared to the Valentino.  I have the Valentino one and I love it, but it is 4 times the price of this one and it's equally just as nice.


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