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Welcome to a third in my series of ''Get the look'', I love doing these!  Learning how to dress so that you look expensive but not breaking the bank takes a lot of time and research.  I'm hoping that I am taking the hard work out for you and making it easier with these selections.  I purchase some of the items that I recommend also, this is for me just as much as it is for you.  I can confirm they elevate a look and make it look far more expensive than it is, which is always the goal!

1)  Number 1 is the Cartier watch - there are so many options out there which look super similar and very smart and this is one of my favourites.  I love that the watch looks like a bracelet also, which makes it look much sleeker with any outfit.

2)  The Jimmy Choo Bon bon bag - For an evening, this is such a hyped up bag at the moment.  It is very recognisable and I think they are so fun.  This blue colour is beautiful, but in white it would also be an amazing wedding bag. 

3) The Miu Miu ballet flats - Not particularly my style to be honest, but if you are going to try and recreate them, these ones from Mango are really pretty.  Although please don't wear them out in the rain!

4)  The Hermes belt - This one is so similar it's ridiculous and I wouldn't even know it wasn't unless I was eye level with the belt.  It's much more affordable and from Ralph Lauren, which is still a lovely brand.

5) The Bottega earrings - Never has there been something that has been bought so much as a dupe!  All the people I follow on YouTube have also purchased the dupe, as there is no logo at all so no one will know!  

6)  This beautiful Oasis dress on the right, emulates the style of the Dolce & Gabbana style that they bring out every year, but a fraction of the price!

7)  These iconic Manolo Blahnik Carrie shoes from  Sex and the City are stunning but they are very expensive for a designer shoe, hitting almost £900.  These ones from Mango are super similar and if you want to recreate the look, these are a really good one to go for.  Amazon also do really good dupes.

8)  Who wants to pay a lot of money for these flimsy beach bags that you will only wear on the beach? Not me!  They are the same price as some leather handbags and they are a trend piece.  This H&M version will give you exactly the same look without the logo.

9) My final choice are these YSL dupes.  If someone was wearing these and I couldn't see the YSL logo under their feet, I would never think they were a dupe.  The colour, the toe shape and everything is identical!


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