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An affordable designer handbag is really hard to come by these days, especially with all the price increases the past few years!  The likes of YSL, Gucci and Louis Vuitton are 90% above 2k now and you definitely can't find a bag in Dior or Chanel under £3500.  The Chanel classic flap has hit an extreme high of £8k, in comparison to the 4k in 2019 and that leaves many designer bag lovers feeling deflated and that target unreachable.  I have spent a long time doing some research on the most affordable brands and the best picks from them, but also the affordable options from the high end brands such as YSL and Gucci.  Here are my 25 best affordable bag options below that I think you will love:

1)  This Ralph lauren tote bag is very similar to the Goyard tote bag if you ask me and serves the same purpose as the LV neverfull, but it is a fraction of the price for £114.  It is in the sale, so don't delay if you want it!

2)  This Tory Burch bag gives me all the vibes of the Dior tote bag, but I think it's much classier and happens to only be £265.

3)  Holland Cooper is a newer brand on my radar that has more of an equestrian vibe.  I think this saddle bag is beautiful for only £399.  

4) The Bucket bag - These are my top 3 affordable bucket bags, which generally tend to be affordable hence why there is a Celine and Prada option here.  The Prada bag costing £1350, is my favourite as I do wear a lot of black and this would make an outfit look trendier and quirky.   Following on from that is the Celine bucket bag for £1250 and the Coach bucket bag for £175.

5) This Coach bag is such a classic, from the shape to the classic coach logo.  I love a canvas print on a bag and this only costs £640.  I equally think the deep wine colour is beautiful.

6)  This coach bag is a very good bag for summer!  I tend to reach for a lot of light colour bags in Summer and this would be a great addition that only costs £346.

7)  This Mulberry satchel for £696 is a great throw over bag for errands and casual wear.  The Mulberry brand is such a classic one and fantastic quality.

8)  I have been lusting over this black soft tabby bag for almost a year now and I think it's almost time to buy it.  It currently costs £315 in the sale, so the perfect time to do it.

9)  This Coach bag takes a lot of it's style from the Louis Vuitton Alma BB  bag, which I have also included in this bag list.  Except this one is far more affordable if you're wanting something under £500.

10)  This Coach tote bag is super classy and is the perfect all rounder that can be worn in the day and also the evening by the handle, costing only £550.

11)  This Ralph Lauren, crossbody clutch bag gives me Hermes vibes as the lock is a very similar style.  This is not a Hermes price though and only costs £549.

12)  This Loewe basket bag is one of the bags at the top of my wish list at the moment and it's only £550.   This is such a good price not only for a bag, but also Loewe is such a popular brand at the moment, so you will look so chic and in trend with this.

13)  This Mulberry bag is a classic and one I have had on my wish list for years.  It's a great first designer bag to be honest as it's only £695.  You can even pick it up for an even better price at Bicester village.

14) Jimmy Choo is such a great brand and this style bag is such a classic one.  I just love a top handle bag and this one costs £1053!

15)  A £980 YSL bag?? Yes you read that right!  This one is lovely and a heart shaped bag is very in right now!

16)  I am currently saving for this YSL crossbody bag as it is top of my wish list.  I need a casual bag that I can wear everyday and I don't have a YSL bag in my collection yet.  This one is £920, which is a brilliant price for YSL.

17)  This is a very popular Mulberry bag costing £1250 and the Alexa style has been around forever!  It's a very durable bag that I can see lasting for years and having very good longevity.

18)  I can see this bag going with every single one of my Summer outfits as it's the perfect light shade.  It can be worn casually crossbody or the strap doubles up to be on the shoulder and look smarter.  It costs just £1095.

19)  This Stella McCartney bag is just stunning and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.  It's a beautiful summer evening bag costing £696, currently in the sale.  It's affordable for a designer bag, but it is expensive for what it is.  If you're the type of person who likes collecting bags that are a bit different and unique, this one is perfect for you.

20) - The Mulberry Bayswater is such a classic, but it is a bit dated now.  I am so glad that they came out with these smaller versions that can be worn crossbody, to keep up with the current popular styles but keep the classic mulberry Bayswater name.  These ones cost £1495.

21) - The camera bag style is such a great casual bag and I love that Gucci has brought back the classic horsebit.  It's my favourite thing they have done in a long time!  This one costs £1290.

22) Same as above, but the YSL version.  This camera bag is the perfect everyday casual handbag and it costs £1350.

23)  This Alma BB is also a classic and one that has been around forever.  It has seen price increases, but I really appreciate that it is still an attainable price point at £1380.

24)  I love so many details about this bag - The classic horsebit logo, the Gucci canvas and the price of £1640.  I honestly think this bag is stunning and a true work of art with all the details.  I love that it could be worn cross body in the day as well and worn by the handle for the evening.

25)  Is this a Hermes bag below or a YSL bag?  It is a YSL with a very similar lock closure that also opens to sit the same as the Hermes.  It is a very simple, quiet luxury handbag that looks very elegant.  It costs only £1535.


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