Wedding season outfits

Wedding season is among us and in full swing.  My twin sister got married a few weeks ago so I am in the wedding season bubble and already planning outfits for my next one.  I like my wedding outfits to be midi, floral and have a pleat or two.  The bigger the better personally, whether that is the print or the sleeves.  I don't generally like to wear plainer outfits to weddings as pastel colours are generally appropriate summer wedding colours and if they're plain I think in certain lights in pictures if you're wearing a satin or a lace number, it could look pale and bridal.  I tend to want to avoid that.  My favourite places to look at the minute are Karen Millen and Coast and below I have selected some of my favourites.  

1) LOOK 1 - Starting off with my favourite out of them all, we have this Zimmerman inspired number.  I love the classy shape of this, especially the sleeves and the trailing floral print is simply stunning.  The Zimmerman vibes come particularly from the white spiral loop trim that goes right down the front of the dress and the sleeves, this design is very popular on Zimmerman styles, but so is a trailing floral print.

2) LOOK 2 - The shape and the design of this dress is just magical.  The pink print, the tulle that gives it that shape, and the corseted waist just add to the magic of it.  I simply just love the way the top ruffles and sticks out at the top giving such a great shape to the dress.  This would be a show stopping piece that is for sure.

3) LOOK 3 - This next dress is very elegant, I really like a halter style like this with the high neck, it is a very flattering shape and allows you to wear big statement earrings to glam up the outfit.  I love that it is lace on the top and a beautiful big floral print to the skirt.  If you close up the lace detail is actually really regal and beautiful.

4) LOOK 4 -  I wasn't sure when I first saw this dress and then the more I looked at it the more I fell in love with it.  Starting with the ocean blue colours in it that are quiet mesmerising and look great with the pleats and finishing with the applique floral lace bodice that has so much detail in it, it really is captivating.

5) LOOK 5 -   This is one of the simpler dresses I have chosen, but I think this looks really pretty and fresh, I love the colour.  I love the maxi length of it and that although it's pleated, it's straight giving it some shape.  The pleated sleeves on this almost make it look like a cape as well.  If you didn't want a statement out there dress, this would be a beautiful one to choose.  It's more Kate Middleton than a statement fashion wedding guest outfit.  

6) LOOK 6 - Every detail about this dress is fantastic, from the matching waist and trim, to the heart shaped neck line, the long sleeves and the puffed shoulders.  This dress has drama and a great print to go with it.  The purple on top of the baby blue background instead of white is really effective.

7) LOOK 7 - This rose print is such a romantic summer dress.  It has a classic silhouette with these fantastic large puff sleeves.  It's probably the most casual outfit I have shown you and with the high leg slit, this wouldn't be suitable for all weddings, you'd have to make the decision if it was appropriate for the wedding you were going to.  But this model is 5'10 so it wouldn't be that short on little old 5'3 me anyway.

8) LOOK 8 - My final dress is this floral tulle plunge maxi dress, which is in the same print and same collection as outfit number 2.  If you liked that one but wanted to be a bit more covered up on your shoulders, this option would be the perfect one for you.  These floaty big sheer sleeves are amazing and so full of drama!


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