May favourites

I love May as I start to get really excited for Summer and I get to properly wear my spring clothes.  The Spring weather starts to get warmer, so I get to wear all my jackets which is the best.  Spring and Autumn fashion is my favourite as you get to style different trousers and jackets and have a little bit more fun.  Winter you have to cover everything in a coat and summer there is only one layer, which is a little boring!  I look forward to Summer and Winter fashion, but get bored of it very quickly, which is not the case for Spring and Autumn.

These are the Items I have purchased this month:

1) Faiza saqlain and house of faiza outfits - I have a 3 day asian wedding at the end of this month, so I needed to get some new outfits ready for that! I love Faiza saqlain outfits, but the shipping is 3 months from Pakistan, so I missed the deadline for 2 of the outfits.  The other 2 I got from a website called House of Faiza that I found that ships from the UK and it is very good and sells a range of brands on there.

2) Zara summer dress - I love this dress, it gives me Zimmerman vibes with the buttons going all the way down the front and the style of the print.  It gives the allusion of a halter but it isn't, it's just a high neck racer dress. It came with a rope belt, but I have switched it out for my Valentino belt and I think it elevates it a little.

3) H&M black and white 2 piece - I actually bought these trousers last year, but I didn't like the matching top as it was huge.  This year they came out with a similar piece that I preferred and I think it matches perfectly.  I love a 2 piece, it gives the allusion of a jumpsuit and looks very chic but it is so easy.  The trousers are no longer available, but I have linked this seasons option.

4) H&M beige pleated midi skirt - This beige midi skirt is lovely and so versatile for any season.  I have worn it like this picture for spring, but would also wear it with a t-shirt for Summer.  I like to do an all beige neutral look when wearing this as it makes it look very sleek.

5) New Makeup and skincare - These are a few pieces I needed to repurchase this month  I love this mascara, makes my eyelashes look great and it's waterproof so doesn't budge!  This oil and moisturiser also works really well with my skin and they are both super affordable.

6) Linen beige waistcoat and shorts - I love a waistcoat this season and I love this tailored, neutral look.  I can't wait to wear it this Summer and both pieces are from H&M and extremely affordable!

7) Beige straight trousers - These trousers are fab and can be worn in so many different ways.  I have styled them this year with a black top and a black Chanel style jacket, or alternatively with a matching beige blazer as a pant suit.  In summer I would wear it with a white linen shirt or with the above beige linen waistcoat.

8) Vinted navy Zara coat - I got an incredible navy double breasted coat from Vinted.  Unfortunately as it's second hand I can't find a picture to show you.  Always have a look on vinted for basics as you would be surprised at the good things you find.

9) Loewe brooch - I purchased the below Loewe brooch from vinted and I love it.  It came with all the original packaging, so I got a bargain!  It dresses up any outfit when worn on coats, jackets or any blazers.

Items on my wishlist:

1) Dune  sandals - These give me Hermes oran vibes for a fraction of the price and I am desperate to have them for an easy slip on in Summer.

2) YSL and celine logo T-shirts - I love the idea of a logo designer t-shirt with a pair of tailored trousers or jeans and a blazer.  I think it would look amazing  but I can't justify the price.  Perhaps I shall look at Bicester village when I go later in the year.

3) YSL earrings  - These earrings would be a dream, expect they are no longer current and any vintage pieces are extremely expensive, so I shall just admire them from afar!!

4) Two bags on my wishlist  - I do two bags every month and this month my favourite are both black cross body bags.  I have an underarm and a top handle black bag, but I feel like I am missing a crossbody one.  These two are top of my list.  I just absolutely love a vintage black Chanel square mini and always have, but I also love the brand Bvlgari.  Just look at those green eyes on the serpent.

5) Bath and body works dark velvet oud candle - I smelt this candle when I went into next and I have been obsessed since.  I love anything rich with oud, tonka or anything a little bit Arabic.  Next sell a selection of the bath and body works range so a good place to go and buy it.

6) Chanel and Prada black ballet flats - I am desperate to go to Bicester village as I know they sell these Prada ballet flats on the left.  You can't buy them anywhere else so I can’t link them!  I think they are a great affordable alternative to the Chanel ballet flats, they are about half the price.  It would be a dream to have the Chanel ballet flats though.

7) Zara bow heels - These Zara bow heels are so stunning! I have tried them on and I love that they have mesh at the end so you can't see your toes!

8) Designer items on Vinted - I love Vinted at the moment for vintage or preloved designer stuff.  Here is a good selection of the current pieces I am eyeing up.  It goes without saying to be careful with vinted, you can easily be sold a fake, so do your research.

9) Byredo antique vanille fragrance - This fragrance is insane and right up my street, but I'd need to sell a kidney to buy it!  It's on the Christmas list for my husband I think!!

10) Zara green sequin dress - My last piece is this green sequin dress from Zara.  I know we are far away from Christmas, but this would be the perfect Christmas dress!


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