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I am back with a second post on get the look, I think I will make this a series now!  I constantly see things that look like dupes and I save them for my next post. As I said in my last post, it is now much simpler with the current trends to get the look without breaking the bank and to find dupes as a lot of things don't have big logos with the current quiet luxury trend.  If you can afford to buy a few key pieces, but want to complete the look by buying the affordable dupes, then these options will be amazing for you.  Alternatively you don't need to splurge on any of the designer items if you can't afford to or are just not interested in spending a lot of money on a material item.  You can still get the look by carefully curating your wardrobe with key pieces.

1) The Gucci Horsebit belt or the Arket horsebit belt - I actually prefer how simple the Arket horsebit belt is here in comparison to the Gucci one.  It makes it more suitable to wear to work if you don't want to have logos and it's going to last longer in your wardrobe if the Gucci canvas dates.  The Arket belt also suits black better, making it more versatile.

2) The Hermes belt or the Reiss belt - These belts look very similar I won't lie, so I would save your money if I were you and buy the reiss version!  This is a very simple belt like the one above that will be super chic and last in your wardrobe for a long time.

3) The LV alma bb bag or the Coach bag - If you love a canvas print and you love the alma bb style, then you will love this dupe! Still more expensive than the high street, but a lot more affordable then Louis Vuitton.

4) The Chanel black ballet flats or Charles and Keith ballet flats - Chanel ballet flats are the dream and top of my wishlist!  I don't currently own any ballet flats and I think it would actually be a really good idea to buy the really affordable dupe and wear them for a season before deciding to splurge on the expensive version.

5) The Balmain jacket or the Zara Jacket - I own this Zara blazer and I can honestly tell you it is the best!  I don't think you'd be able to tell the difference between this lily silk and zara blazer and the Balmain one if you were looking.  Obviously close up you can see the buttons, but only someone who is on it with their brands could really tell and you are only trying to get the look and it couldn't get much better than this.

6) The Gucci horsebit bag or the la reroute horsebit bag -  I was amazed when I saw this bag, that horsebit is identical! If I saw someone wearing that bag, I would genuinely think it was a unique Gucci bag or a vintage pre season one!

7) Jimmy choo crystal heels or the Asos heels - White heels of this colour are going to get dirty so easily, if you can get the look without spending the money I would!!

8) Jimmy choo bow heels or the milanoo heels - These heels are very unique and also party heels, I very much doubt that you will get your cost per wear if you splurge on these.  The dupe version is so similar they will look exactly the same and you will still achieve the look you want!

9) This Zimmerman yellow two piece or the Raishma dress - I love how similar this Raishma dress is to this Zimmerman 2 piece and I would buy this over the Zimmerman outfit all day.  Mainly because it makes me nervous spending so much on clothes when we are likely to change shape as we get older.  Designer accessories are safer to buy for me, clothes I just don't think I would personally choose to.

 Zimmerman 2 piece

Raishma dress

10) The Dior belted jacket or the Zara belted jacket - The style of this Zara jacket on the left screams Dior! If I can look like I am dressing like I'm wearing Dior for Zara prices, then yes please!! I would wear this over a pleated skirt and it would look like a perfect Dior look.

Dior belted jacket

Zara blazer with belt


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