The ultimate blazer collection

For me this year especially, the blazer is the ultimate staple.  It’s really effortless to have a great pair of jeans and a T-shirt and throw over a blazer. You can get thicker wool ones for winter, standard blazers for spring and autumn and linen ones for summer.  They are a year round staple than never date.  I’ve spent a lot of time this year trying to get the perfect colour palette of blazers in my wardrobe and have used Vinted to help me to do it as well as the high street to save some money and be more sustainable.  I think it’s great to have the basic palette ranging from black, navy, grey to white, all the beiges and khaki.  You could throw in some colours if you like but you will have the perfect collection if you have the above 6 shades. I’m going to try my best to show you some looks from Pinterest and where you can shop the pieces.  I do encourage you to look at Vinted though, they have a huge selection of blazers! I got 3 of the below blazers from Vinted and I saved so much money and felt better sustainably doing it.

1) The black blazer - The ultimate original blazer! If you can only have one, get black! It will go with everything and look incredible with an all black look or over the top of a white t-shirt with blue jeans.  I am on the hunt for a new one as mine is double breasted and I really fancy one that isn't, with the two  buttons down the front like the ones in these pictures.

2) The navy blazer - I never realised I needed a navy blazer until I bought a navy satin skirt and couldn’t style it! Since then I’ve realised how much I needed one! Sometimes it looks less harsh with blue denim than black! I really enjoy belting it and it also looks incredible with tan accessories!  I got mine from Vinted so have a look there before looking on the high street.

3) The grey blazer - This looks really good over an all black outfit.  I really enjoy wearing a striped top under it too for a French Parisian vibe and then adding wide leg black trousers.  I got mine from Vinted so do have a look there before looking on the high street.

4) The white blazer - In Summer this makes a pair of jeans look more summery, but it's also the perfect jacket for summer dresses, even if it's thrown over your shoulders.  I would probably recommend a linen one as I think you'll get more wear out of it.

5) The striped neutral linen blazer - I lusted over this exact blazer from nakd fashion for weeks and when it arrived, even though I bought the smallest size, the shoulder pads were just too big and it was still too oversized.  I am a size 6, petite girl though so I feel if you were taller it would look amazing on you.  I did however manage to get one that I love from Vinted that was Zara, so I have linked a similar zara one for any petite girlies.  I have worn this belted with black trousers for Autumn or open with a beige t-shirt underneath for a tonal neutral look.  I am looking forward to wearing this over a black t-shirt and black shorts in summer.

6) The beige blazer - I got 2 shades of beige blazers recently from H&M and I love them! They are the perfect amount of oversized.  I have been enjoying wearing with t-shirts and jeans, but also love wearing them over all black.  My latest favourite is wearing them with beige trousers and a t-shirt for a casual tonal suit look.  I think it looks really chic.

7) The Khaki blazer - Very similar to the beige blazer but just a step up and richer in tone.  It can be styled in very similar ways but looks better with black in my opinion as it is darker.  My top tip is to get your blazers oversized enough you can wear jumpers underneath when it's chillier, but not too oversized so you can wear it with t-shirts.  This way you'll be able to wear them all year round.

8) The colourful blazer - I think it can be fun to add some colour in the warmer months.  I love the look of this cornflour blue, I think it looks amazing!  I have also worn the below linen mustard blazer so much over the past year.  It looks great over all black but also looks great with the matching linen shorts in summer.  I feel fantastic when I wear this outfit.

9) The houndstooth blazer - My final blazer is the houndstooth blazer.  I got mine for £7 in the H&M sale around 5 years ago and it's still very much a staple in the fashion world.  I love belting it, both with a designer belt or with a tie dark tan belt.  Here you can see me styling it with my Celine belt, but I also have a dark tan belt that I bought on Amazon.


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