Spring lookbook

We are very much entering the Spring transitional period, but it is still so cold!  20th March is the 1st day of Spring, but something tells me it won't feel like it.  Coats and boots are definitely still being worn and we haven't been able to transition into loafers and jackets, which I am desperate for!  As I am entering my neutrals and tailored era, I have included a little bit of colour in this look book as I know I will want to for Spring and Summer.  I did something a little different for this look book, usually I make lots of big orders and I do a look book based on what arrives.  I keep what I really like and I send the rest back.  This time, this is a look book based on items I already own or I have bought earlier in the year.  I have so many clothes and I thought it was better to be more sustainable and show you how to style items you already have or style items with different outfits.  For example I wear the same trousers below in different looks and also some jackets.  I will link how you can shop items if I can or an item that looks similar, but I encourage you to go through your wardrobe and do the same with what you already have.  I also encourage you to look for your basics on vinted, there are so many blazers on there!! You don't need to spend £60 on one in Zara every time, I got 2 of the below blazers on vinted.

1) Look 1 - This look is so versatile with the base layer of these tailored trousers and a black top and you can pair any jacket or blazer with it.  I bought this mustard blazer last year as part of a shorts combo and I love that I can wear it in different ways.  You could pair this with a pair of leather trousers as shown below if you wanted to make it edgier or even smarter for dinner with heels.  The belt is optional, but I liked the combo of the gold in the loafers with the belt.

2) Look 2 - This Parisian chic look is super casual but very tailored.  I am wearing the same black trousers as look 1 and my grey blazer is from Vinted.  I think the gold shoes make the look pop and makes the outfit stand out more. I can see myself wearing this a lot this year.  Equally when it gets warmer, I will ditch the blazer and the tank top will look very cute by itself.

3) Look 3 - I got all these pieces last year and I wore this green jacket in Paris actually.  I love how smart it looks done up and then paired with a pair of wide leg jeans makes it more casual.  I have to wear heeled boots with wide leg trousers as I am too short not to!!

4) Look 4 - These wide leg khaki leather trousers have been my party trousers late last year going into this year.  I wore this exact outfit to a 50th birthday recently and I felt great.  I love pairing trendier pieces with more classic pieces, I think they balance each other out.

5) Look 5 - I love how smart but casual this look is.  Last year I wore this skirt with trainers and with a white t-shirt and a blazer open.  This year I am enjoying the striped top and having the blazer belted to elevate it.  I would love to see this look with a navy shirt, I think the all navy look would look really nice and then add tan accessories.

6) Look 6 - This is my most Chanel outfit.  I have done the jacket up with these same black tailored trousers and Chanel style pumps, but you can have it open with a casual t-shirt underneath as well.

7) Look 7 - I got sucked into the denim midi skirt trend and I love it!  I really like how I have styled it here with the black tweed jacket, but I would also put this with a blazer or do a double denim look with a denim shirt.  I'm also hoping I'll be able to style this for Summer.

8) Look 8 - I used this jacket in my Autumn look book last year and it's so transitional.  Here I have paired it with leather trousers to give it an edge and added a belt.  You could belt over the jacket here to make it smarter or wear trainers to make the look more casual.


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