March favourites

March is a funny month as it’s still very cold, so I’m looking at warm items like coats and boots,  but I also see Summer in the horizon so I’m looking at sunglasses and sandals!!  You can see that clearly in my purchases this month as well! H&M has had some really nice Summer items and if you don't buy them when you see them you lose out! I would never usually buy such summery pieces this early! It is now trench coat season though which I am loving! I bought a really good one from Asos last year that I lived in!  I recommend anyone who doesn't own a trench coat currently to go out and get one this Spring. March has been a super busy month for me training for the London Marathon and preparing for that and I also have my sisters hen do at the end of the month, therefore not much purchasing has been going on!! These are the essentials with a few fun bits thrown in there.

What I bought this month:

1) Zara boots - I was in desperate need of a smart pair of boots that I could wear with the tailored black trousers that I have purchased recently.  These are the perfect pair and they were in the sale!

2) Celine belt - I really wanted to get another designer belt that wasn't as big and loud and proud as the Valentino logo.  I love my Valentino belt but it serves a very different purpose.  This Celine belt is perfect and it has been worn to death already. 

3) Mango leather trousers - I have a pair of black leather leggings and wide leg khaki trousers, but I felt I was missing a more casual black leather trouser for the day to style with jumpers and jackets.  I ordered a few from various places but they weren't great for petite, these ones from Mango were the best that I tried!

4) Black H&M shift dress - I love the Audrey Hepburn vibes this dress gave, I can't wait to wear it in Summer by itself with some Chanel style pumps and perhaps my lady Dior.  It will be such a classic outfit.  This is out of stock unfortunately now but I shall try and link something similar.

5) H&M denim maxi skirt - I got sucked into the denim midi skirt trend and I love it! I can't wait to wear this in many different ways! It looks great styled with a blazer or a denim shirt for the double denim look and equally when it comes to Summer it will look very chic with a white t-shirt or a waistcoat.  This is also out of stock online so I’ve linked something similar.

6) H&M summer dresses - Both these Summer dresses were on the website end of February and I couldn't pass them up, if I had waited they would be gone!  I bought a linen midi style dress like this a few years ago from H&M and I have lived in it, so I knew I would this too.  I just suit the corseted top as it's my smallest part.  The blue dress felt very Italian and we are hoping to go to Rome this year so I just imagined myself wearing it.  I love the puff sleeve and the shape, I don't often go for dresses over the knee so this is a refreshing change.

7) L’OrĂ©al eye serum - I have been suffering from Eczema around my eyes and I am just recovering from that, so I am really working on my under eyes to restore the moisture.  They are still feeling pretty dry and between my skincare and drinking plenty of water I am sure they will get there.

8) Zara large gold earrings - I can't seem to resist Zara earrings at the moment.  These are beautiful and they are so affordable!  Such an easy way to make an outfit look instantly more dressy for an evening look.  These are out of stock online but I saw them in the store still. I have linked another pair I like online too.


1) Nude Valentino heels - These are top of my designer wish list at the moment.  I think they look really classy and the perfect nude.  I love the shape and the heel height and the logo makes the shoes that little bit more stylish.

2) Prada belt - I really love how understated this belt is with the Prada logo just dangling down on the side.   This is a great understated designer belt if you're not a fan of the Celine belt and want something a little bit more original.  I say that as everyone has the Celine belt now.

3) My designer bags wish list -   At couple of my top two designer bags on my wish list are the Bottega Sardine and Gucci horsebit.  Both of these scream quiet luxury as they don't really have any logos.  The woven detail and the style of this bottega is absolutely stunning and I love how classic and beautiful the heritage of the Gucci horsebit is.  I also love this in tan.

4) Shopping from different sites such as Chicwish, Charli, Vita Grace and Urban Revivo, Dissh.  I am really loving finding original and unique pieces at the moment from websites which aren't as common as Zara and Mango for example.  I love them but I find you see everyone wearing the same pieces as you, so having original pieces in your wardrobe feels so great.

5) Anything that looks like it's from Zimmerman in preparation for Spring/Summer - This Maya dress from Raishma in yellow and in Blue is incredibly beautiful.  I imagine myself wearing this on holiday in an Asian country in particular, but I would wear it anywhere.  I love the shape of it, it reminds me so much of Zimmerman.

6) Celine sunglasses - These oval shape sunglasses are really beautiful and I have already tried them on and loved them.  I wish I had bought them last year when I tried them, but I chose a different pair in that moment.  I have no doubt I will have these this Summer and they will get so much wear.  They really suit the vibes I am dressing for this year.

7) Holland cooper maxi trench coat - If I wasn't so petite I would absolutely love this! If I was to wear it or even buy the petite version, I would probably still have to wear heels in order for it to look good on me.  I can really appreciate how great this style is for the taller girlies and maybe one day I'll actually try it on and report back.  I would probably buy this over the Burberry trench coat as it's different. 

8) Navy Zara jackets - Zara has a really great selection of cropped Navy jackets at the moment that would look fantastic with lighter colour blue wash jeans and loafers.  Their selection of cropped jackets in general is one of the best right now!

9) & other stories tall boots - I am still very much on the hunt for a pair of tan tall boots, but this lighter cream colour would look great with jumper dresses if you were looking for a lighter pair.  Especially if you're doing the nude look and want the full tonal outfit.

10) Reiss pull on trousers - These look like such great trousers for Summer, styled with a tank top they'd look really effortlessly chic and then a blazer thrown over the shoulders.

11) H&M Linen blend 3 piece - This 3 piece set is so beautiful, I'd love to try this on and see how it would look!  It does look big though and especially like it doesn't cater to petite girls, but still intrigued to try it on.

12) Zara and Asos summer olive yellow/green dresses -  I am really into these olive green dresses.  I love the floaty Zimmerman style of the Asos one and the Zara one has the very flattering corseting style top I was saying I loved earlier.


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