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It seems much simpler with the current trends to get the look without breaking the bank.  The stripped back quiet luxury of the tonal looks and simpler shapes means there is a high street version for almost everything.  I love the odd designer piece, but it is very unrealistic to be dressed head to toe in it.  I would buy a designer bag or sunglasses and then get the look with the high street alternatives for the rest of the look.  I have found loads, but I am going to make a series out of this.  For this first post I have picked my top 10 pieces for transitioning into spring.

1) Bottega bag - This Anthropology bag is identical to the Bottega bag and it's so classic.  I love the weave and oversized slouchy look.  It would look amazing with wide leg trousers and a cropped tweed jacket.  It's even a good size for a work bag.  This bag was so popular it sound out so quick, so now if you order you get added to the pre-order list. 

2) Celine bag - I own this M&S bag and I can tell you it is incredible.  I wear it with everything! I love that I am not super precious with it either as it was only £35 which is an absolute bargain!!  It comes in brown and a green too and I think I'd be interested in the brown version.

3) Massimo Dutti khaki jacket - This Zara khaki jacket is so similar to the Massimo Dutti jacket, the only difference is the tie that this image on the left isn't showing, it must be tied at the back.  I would style this with a black outfit and boots to elevate it.  I love the military vibes it gives.

4) Fendi cropped jacket -  I had seen a youtuber styling this Fendi jacket and then when I was browsing the Zara website I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this.  This Zara cropped jacket completely emulates the shape of this Fendi tailored jacket.  How amazing would this be for an evening styled with tailored black trousers and heels.

5) Celine stripe crop top - Now I know this H&M stripe tank top doesn't have the iconic Celine logo, but it really does give a very similar look with black trousers.  I can really see myself wearing this for Spring with a white tweed jacket over it, but equally in summer with linen trousers.

6) Hermes Oran sandals - I've been meaning to get these Dune sandals for ages as they give such an Hermes vibe!! They do them in tan and black on Asos at the moment and they are reduced to £35 which is a bargain!

7)  Gucci loafers - These Mango loafers have such a similar shape to the Gucci loafers and such a nice brass horse bit front.  These are top of my list to buy this year.  I find it really hard to find the perfect loafers that are not too thin or too chunky, these are the perfect inbetween.

8) Isabel Marant tie belt - I love this Amazon tie belt, I have it in dark brown and over the top of blazers it looks really chic.  It just gives a stylish twist to any outfit.  I would like to have it in black also to wear with my black outfits.

9) Celine oval sunglasses - I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted these Zara oval sunglasses.  They are practically identical to the Celine glasses without the symbol.  You'd be silly not to snatch these up if you're going abroad this year.  Glasses that look so effortlessly stylish and expensive, yet if you ruin them or your suitcase gets lost, you won't be crying about it.

10) Rayban hexagon sunglasses - Same as above with these mango hexagon sunglasses, couldn't believe my luck with how similar these are to the Rayban glasses.  I own these Raybans and they go with everything! Due to the quirky shape, they make every outfit, even if it's plain look effortlessly stylish.


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