A Capsule Wardrobe for Spring

The Capsule wardrobe trend began last year and it really heavily continues into this year.  I have noticed that I have stripped back my own personal style and sold a lot of my old things on vinted.  I have stopped wearing a lot of prints and have invested in lots of blazers, structured trousers and jackets.  I'm really enjoying using the same pieces and coordinating them differently with different items.  It's amazing how many times you can style a black pair of trousers.  I can't see this trend going anywhere fast as they're all classic pieces, so even in the future if other pieces come into style, they can be paired with these items to give a stylish twist.  

To get started I would pick a neutral that you know you live in and get all the basics for that colour and then you can expand.  For me that would be black, so I invested in all the black basics first and now I am expanding into white, beige, navy and a few others.  This trend is mixed with the Quiet luxury trend in the fact that it is understated and stripped back.  You could buy the trendier versions or the logo versions of these items if you wished, but they aren't guaranteed to still be stylish in a few years time, where as all the items I am listing below will be.  If you were to buy anything designer, I would suggest to do these items as they are going to last! Invest in the Burberry coat, the All Saints leather jacket or the Gucci loafers,  I promise you won't regret it.  

Just to be clear, I do not own all of these pieces, I am building my capsule wardrobe and it will take me years.  I am investing in good quality pieces slowly to have the dream capsule wardrobe in the future.

Here is my list of 20 items for the perfect capsule wardrobe all year round:

1) Tailored trousers - These are the most important capsule wardrobe piece in my opinion as you can style these up all year round and even wear them in Summer with a tank top.  I love the wide leg tailored trousers but also really love the cigarette style that come in on the ankle, sometimes that is more flattering for me as I am petite.

2) A good pair of jeans - A good pair of jeans is so hard to come by, but once you have a good pair in a good wash that looks good for all seasons, buy it in every colour and several pairs of them!!  I am loving the look of the wide leg at the moment.

3) Leggings - A good staple pair of black leggings will see you through the Winter months when paired under your big baggy jumpers and coats.  Or alternatively be the perfect lounge wear.  Here they look super comfy paired with an oversized blazer and boots.

4) Leather trousers - I have a pair of Wide leg Khaki leather trousers, straight leg black leather trousers and also black leggings. All 3 serve very different purposes but look fantastic.  All 3 of these paired with all the capsule wardrobe t-shirts, jumpers, blazers and jackets look super chic.

5) Shorts - A good pair of linen shorts in Summer is an essential to pair with t-shirts and also with waistcoats.  I love the idea of a linen shorts and waistcoat duo.  Equally a great pair of leather or tweed shorts paired with jumpers, tights and boots is a great look.

6) Loafers - A good loafer is sure to look great with any of the trousers we have listed here.  Personally I prefer the less chunky ones, but if you wanted a statement you could get the chunkier ones.  The dream would be to have the Gucci, Prada or the Celine ones.  I have got many of mine from Zara.  I also think Ballet flats would look really good this year on the capsule wardrobe list, but I think that they are a trend and not here to stay so haven't given them their own category.  But for this year they would look great with any of these outfits.

7) Trainers - I was never into trainers last year, but I bought my first pair of Veja's later in the year and I have never looked back.  They are the comfiest shoes ever and the perfect accessory to make your more tailored style look more casual and less business looking.

8) Boots - For Winter a good pair of tall chunky low heel boots to go with dresses and shorts in Winter is essential, but equally a good pointed toe ankle boot is very important to dress up an outfit for dinner.  So often my outfit looks a little plain and I pair it with a pointed toe and immediately feel elevated.

9) Sandals - During Summer it will be essential to have a good pair of plain black and tan sandals to go with everything in your Summer wardrobe.

10) The blazer - The Queen of the capsule wardrobe - If you have a good staple blazer in Black, Beige, Khaki, Navy, Grey and any other neutral you are winning.  They will go with jeans, leather trousers, shorts, dresses and even skirts.  If in doubt, wear the blazer!!

11) A cropped Jacket - These cropped jackets are the absolute staple at the moment and have been for a few years now, they're not going anywhere fast.  They dress up a pair of jeans or plain trousers easily and elevate your look.  I have one in Black, white and green and looking for a Beige one next.  You have to be quick but you can get some really expensive looking ones that are really affordable from H&M and Mango, but they go fast.

12) Leather Jacket - The leather jacket is a true staple and I couldn't write this post without it.  The perfect capsule wardrobe item to make your outfit look a bit cooler or edgier.  Here is a real leather one for a good price, but if you wanted your forever jacket I would invest in an All Saints one.  I got mine from Bicester village for a great discount.

13) The trench coat - For Sprint and Autumn this is the perfect transitional coat and looks best when thrown over a plain capsule wardrobe outfit.  I would love to one day invest in the Burberry trench coat, but for now I am vey happy with my ASOS version.

14) Wrap coat - The wrap coat in every colour is the dream but also very expensive.  If you're starting out, I would suggest you get it in black and then either in Beige or Camel to begin with and then you can gradually grow from there.  To have matching T-shirts, jumpers, blazers and coats in the same colours would be the ultimate dream.

15) Jumpers - Purchase a good classic crew neck jumper and polo neck in black, white and beige to begin with and then expand to other neutral colours.  This one from & other stories is great and comes in so many other colours.

16) T-shirts - Same as with the jumpers, purchase a good classic crew neck t-shirt and tank top in black, white and beige to begin with and then expand to other neutral colours.  This Zara one comes in white, black and beige and I suggest you get them all!

17) Linen shirts - Get a linen blazer in White, a linen colour and black.  They are the ultimate throw over your shoulders in Summer with dresses but equally look great tucked into trousers .  H&M do a great range of linen shirts in all colours.

18) Waistcoats - I love a waistcoat this year and have got one in Black and off white.  I can't wait to wear them with my tailored trousers in Spring and with shorts in Summer.  They make a plain trouser and top combo look really chic.

19) The classic black and beige bag - With all these items you need a good classic and well made leather hand bag in black and in a beige.  If you have those, they should go with anything and you shouldn't need any other colour.  I really love the look and quality of the DeMellier bag and it comes in so many colours.

20) Silk skirt - This is a bonus item, but a silk midi skirt has turned into a staple capsule wardrobe item for me.  I have one in navy and paired with a blazer, just a t-shirt with vejas or even a jumper and tights and boots it looks very classic


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