February favourites

February was a wonderful month and always a busy one for me as there are so many friends and family's birthdays, including my own! I always feel so happy to finally be out of the long January and looking forward to warmer months coming.  Here are some of the pieces I bought this month, got gifted for my birthday and that I am loving!

What I bought this month:

1) Grey jumper dress - This jumper dress is a staple in my winter wardrobe now.  It looks really effortless styled with tights and black boots and a coat thrown over.  January has been so cold at times that I have just wanted a jumper that covers all of me and this has been wonderful for that.

2) H&M white Chanel style blazer with H&M trousers and tank top - I saw this look styled on tiktok and instantly wanted to try it.  This will be more of a Spring/Summer look but I can't wait to wear it.  I'm really seeing a shift in my style where I gravitate towards tailored pieces as you will see from the other items I have bought and I'm loving.  I got this whole look from H&M.  

3) ASOS waistcoats with H&M trousers - This waistcoat from Asos, paired with the black H&M trousers is such a chic look for Spring/Summer and I can't wait to wear it.  If you wanted to style it for cooler days you could throw over a black blazer and even a coat.  The tailored 3 piece looks just as chic.

4) White River Island dress - I do tend to buy Summer stuff during Winter a lot as it's always in the sale!  I have been looking for a white summer dress for ages and this one caught my eye.  I really like the broderie anglaise and the simple shape of it.  I would pair this with tan accessories or even navy.

5) H&M gold loafers - I was really intrugued by these and they weren't expensive at all.  When I wear them with an all black/grey outfit or with a tailored look, they really add something to the outfit and add a flair that I really love.

6) Mango stripe side trousers - I wanted the side stripe trousers from M&S that everyone went mad for, but I couldn't find it in my size and I missed out.  Then I spotted this pair and I actually prefer them as they only have the single stripe instead of the double, making it less sporty looking.  Mine need a bit of turning up as they're a bit long, but when they are sorted they will look really smart with a black jumper and blazer or even a white t-shirt and a blazer for a more casual look.

7) Asda black jumper dresses - As you know from my January wish list, I have been on the hunt for a black jumper dress for a while and been unsuccessful.  I casually saw these when we were doing our food shop in Asda and loved them.  I took them both home and adore them both for different reasons.  The one on the left is more fitted so looks better paired with a blazer and the one on the right is more loose fitting and is a whole other vibe, but I love them both.  They were only £18 so I just kept them both as I know I will get so much use out of them both.

These are the items I very generously received for my birthday:

1) My lady Dior - This was a huge present from me to me for my birthday.  I have wanted a lady Dior for forever and with the price increases happening every 6 months or so, it's just getting further and further out of my reach as they are currently £4100 and rising quickly.  I found mine from a well known preloved site and it was brand new and even had the plastic still on the metal hardware.  It's a size small and the colour taupe which was a 2016 shade.  I absolutely love her and will cherish her forever.  I saved so much money and I was so pleased I managed to get her for the price I did.  Always look pre-loved/vintage if you want something that is out of your reach full price, you'll be surprised at what you might find.  Some items might look absolutely brand new like mine, or they might look worn but still amazing.  Be careful with what sites you use though as there are so many fakes out there.  I have written a blog post on buying preloved if you want to go back and read it.

2) Reiss black heels - I was obsessed with these heels before Christmas and didn't buy them as they were £188.  I waited and waited until they dropped to £55 in the sale and then my husband very generously got them for me for my birthday.  The toe shape is really flattering and combined with the strap round the front of the foot instead of the ankle, makes my legs look longer which is great as I'm not blessed with height.

3) Manolo Blahnik shoe horn - My parents surprised me with this Manolo Blahnik shoe horn for my birthday.  I wore Manolo Blahnik heels on my wedding day and Manolo Blahnik shoes will always be special to me, so this was a really great gift.  It was designed for the 40th anniversary and it was limited edition making it a collectors item.

4) Missoma jewellery - I love Missoma jewellery and my husband buys them for me a lot.  They're simple and classic and go with everything and they last a lifetime as they don't tarnish.  The necklace here has a longer chain so looks great over knitwear and these huggie hoops are really cute in your 2nd piercing if you have 2.  I highly recommend this brand!

5) H&M marble board - I saw this marble board in H&M when I was shopping with my sister and I really liked it for a cheeseboard or displaying food when you are entertaining and have guests.  She very generously gave it to me for my birthday and I can't wait to use it.

The items I am lusting over and are on my wish list:

1) The perfect stiletto black boot - I have a pair of chunky heel black boots but I really want a thin heel pair for Winter.  I think they easily dress up a Winter outfit and make it more sophisticated.  I like this pair below but would probably prefer a slightly lower heel that's 85mm rather than 100mm, meaning I could wear it in the day instead of just for evening.

2) Gucci loafers - I have wanted Gucci loafers for forever and these ones with the red and green ribbon at the front are just iconic Gucci.  One day I will make the splurge, but I am still in my handbag phase.  I struggle with shoes as they don't have the same longevity as handbags if you wear them everyday.  Heels are different as you don't wear them as often but I would wear these loafers everyday and they would probably get worn easily, so that's something I'm aware of.

3) Kate nude Louboutin heels - I think these are stunning and I don't have any Louboutin's.  My only concern is they are very well known as being super uncomfortable shoes.  Also a red heel is pretty hard to style, it doesn't go with everything!

4) Guerlain skin kit - This is currently £64 in the sale, which is an absolute bargain for Guerlain products.  I have a feeling this will be bought in March and I can't wait to try it.  The sound of the honey eye cream is so luxurious.

5) YSL belt - I love the way this YSL belt is more toned back, but still luxurious.  The YSL is still there but it's small, so has a quiet luxury about it, which I feel is my style this year.  It would look really good with all the black tailored trousers I have got and blazers.

6) My designer bags wish list - These are two of the bags currently I am lusting over.  This coach bag I see as a great everyday bag that will go with everything and for any occasion as it can be worn on your shoulder and crossbody.  Both these Chanel tote bags are so beautiful and I would find pre-loved.  I think they are great elevated day bags.  I  just love vintage Chanel and I feel these are the next styles I will be saving to purchase.

7) Satin pyjamas from the nibs or Chelsea peers  - I love satin pyjamas, they make me feel really great when I'm relaxing in the evenings or on the weekend.  I'm not a lounge wear girl, so this is what I choose to lounge in and I really enjoy them.

8) Individual knitwear pieces -  I am really enjoying individual knitwear that are not on the mainstream websites and are a little different.  This vivienne long jumper from Charli is an example that looks a little different and is a knock out piece.

9)  Forever and ever Dior fragrance - I haven't smelt this fragrance in years, but decided to the other day as I was feeling really uninspired with anything and I loved it.  I'm extremely fussy with my scents so when I find one I love, I will usually end up purchasing it at some point.

10) Tonal jumpers, blazers and coats in all neutral shades. My style for Winter and Spring has hugely changed and I am really enjoying tonal looks.  We know already I'm enjoying tailored looks, so combining that with tonal colours and it looks super chic.  A beige jumper with a matching colour blazer in Spring or in Winter matching with a coat the same shade.  My dream would be to have a matching jumper, blazer and coat in all the neutral shades, but that will be a slow and expensive process.

11) Reiss scarf coat - This coat is so sleek and I love the look of the matching coat which is attached to the scarf, it looks really sophisticated.  It kind of matches the tonal look I'm talking about above.  It would be the dream to have this but a Reiss coat is a real treat.


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