Quiet Luxury

Sleek, tailored and tonal looks are the biggest trends for me this year, paired with accessories that are toned back from the designer labels.  It's off the back of the capsule wardrobe trend which I will be doing a post on in a few weeks.  For this post I will be showing you toned down luxury and designer looks that look classy but luxurious.  Some are designer while other are more affordable, but all of them are great quality.  Brands have been forced to do both Quiet and loud luxury to keep up with both trends.  Quiet Luxury is knowing the value of a product and how it makes you feel without the world knowing it.  I will show you this in a few categories:

1) Scarves-  A branded scarf can still look good paired with a plain outfit, but I love the look of a white scarf paired with an all white outfit or the same with black and camel.  It looks really effortlessly chic.  Some places such as Reiss and Toteme are even selling the coats with the scarf.

2) Bags - Lots of designer handbags have huge labels that are very obvious.  Some designer brands have started doing simpler designs such as the Gucci Horsebit, YSL Manhattan, Mulberry and Celine, but you don't have to go designer.  There are also some very good smaller brands that make great quality bags such as Polene and De Mellier.  Having designer labels is about how it makes you feel, not what the world can see and this is the epitome of that.

3) Jewellery - Designer costume jewellery is loud, overpriced and bad quality.  It will tarnish and date just as quickly.  Brands such as Astrid and Muyu,  Missoma and Monica Vinader are my go to brands now.  They are beautiful quality jewellery that you can wear in the shower or in the sea on holiday and it won't tarnish.  They have 2 year guarantees that mean if anything happens to your jewellery you can replace it no questions asked.  

4) Sunglasses - Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love a statement eye piece with a plain outfit, but it's not always appropriate to wear big Dior sunglasses.  Here are a few pairs that are still classic shapes and designer but not bold with its label.  These are always seen on Hailey Bieber, they are her favourites!

5) Clothing - Brunello Cucinelli, the Row and Max Mara and are all brands that don't have a logo and wearing them will ensure you are the most elegant and sophisticated person in the room, without being covered in labels that screams you have spent a lot of money.  Bicester village do great prices on all of these brands.

6) Belts - There are many loud belts that are still in fashion such as the Valentino vlogo belt, but there are a few smaller branded belts that are becoming more popular.  This YSL and celine belt are branded but it's small and not in your face, making the outfit pop but not in an obtuse way.  


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