Dress as if you're wearing Zimmerman - 2023 edition

I did this post last year and here is the 2023 version, which I plan on repeating every year as long as I love the brand.  Now I know I’m a bit early with this, but I’m so ready for warmer weather it’s making me research the clothes I want to wear.  Plus you get all the sales at this time.  Zimmerman has been my favourite Spring/Summer designer for years now and I spend so much time hunting down for the best dupes.  I also loving doing this for Missoni and D&G, but that's for another post!  Famous for their victorian necklines, scalloped edging, floaty sleeves and broderie englaise, they are the ultimate feminine designs.  Their mix of beautiful prints and clever cutting and silhouettes are what makes them so special.  Here are my top 13 at the moment that I have searched for, so you don't have to!

1)  I saw this Zimmerman dress on the left on an influencer and fell in love with it.  I love the print and the style is very sophisticated.  I have moved into my modest dressing era, which makes Zimmerman even more perfect for me.  I found the dress on the right from River Island and it immediately made me think of this Zimmerman dress.  I'm still waiting for it to arrive, I of course ordered it!  The shape is the same, the green print is slightly lighter but has the same white flowers.  I was thrilled to spot this.  This Zimmerman dress is in the sale at the moment for £455, but this River Island dress is also in the sale for £52.

2)  A classic white dress is such a staple to purchase from Zimmerman if you were going to splash the cash as it's timeless.  The middle dress here is Zimmerman and the dressed either side are from Karen Millen.  

3)  This beautiful dress on the left is the Zimmerman dress.  Now I know these are different colours, but the shape of these dresses is identical and the dress on the right could 100% be Zimmerman if you didn't know it was from Monsoon.  This dress could also see you through all the seasons as it could be worn with black boots when it's colder but also with sandals in the Summer.

4)  This very pretty, pink floral design is perfect for summer.  I love that it has a high neck and has long sleeves, but it's a shorter length, making it more playful.  The dress on the left is Zimmerman and the one on the right which looks so similar it's crazy is from Karen Millen.

5)  This beautiful Karen Millen dress on the left takes so much influence from the Zimmerman dresses on the right.  The colours, floral prints, long sleeves and the banded trim and waist make this dress a wonderful design choice.  You will stand out in a room in this dress for sure. 

6)  Zimmerman is famous for their white shorts.  Every influencer I know has these shorts and in Summer they go with anything.  Any floaty floral blouse with a pair of white shorts like these is going to scream Zimmerman even if it's not.  This pair on the left are gorgeous and from Vita Grace.

7)  This patch work Zimmerman dress on the right of both these pictures in a shorter and longer dress is identical to the River Island versions.  Slightly pinkier but it's patchwork heaven.

8)  The Zimmerman outfit on the right is actually a blouse tucked into a skirt which is such a clever design.  You have to buy them separately, but you're buying 2 items and get 3.  A dress, skirt and a blouse.  I really love this yellow, I think it's the ultimate summery colour.  The buttons all the way up is so chic.  I found this dress on the left which looks so similar from the website Raishma.  I will 100% be ordering this soon and trying it ready for Summer.

9)  The Zimmerman dress on the right has the classic shape from Zimmerman with the V neckline, long sleeves, waist band and midi length.  The dress on the left from Karen Millen has all these design details with a slightly different print.

10)  My tenth choice for this post is this bold pink and orange design dress from Karen Millen on the left.  This is probably the least identical pairing I found but still wanted to include it.  Look how stunning the victorian neckline is and the sleeves with the print and lace detail of this Zimmerman dress on the right.  I don't think the high street could ever make a version of this, this Karen Millen option was the closest.  Needle and thread also had some good options.  I spend all of my time trying to find dresses that recreate these sleeves, they are just iconic.

11)  I know I have already included the white dress, but I feel like this shape with the buttons all the way down and the lace puff sleeves needs its separate moment.  This Oasis dress on the right carries all these amazing design features.

This dress has sold out so I’ve found another from Karen Millen

12)  The bottom Karen Millen dress takes many influences from the top 3 wild flower print Zimmerman dresses, with floaty sleeves and a longer A line hemline.  I particularly love how the wildflower print trails up from the bottom.

13)  My final option for you is a little different as I found the right dress on Vinted.  There's never any limits to where you can search.  There's even some actual Zimmerman dresses on there for £100.  I'm not brave enough to risk ordering as you can't return! I have never even tried a Zimmerman dress on so not confident of my size either, but maybe one day i'll be brave enough!


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