Dress as if you're wearing Dolce & Gabbana

When I think of Dolce & Gabbana, I think of bold prints perfect for a trip to Rome or Sicily.  I think of florals, blue tile prints and lots of citrus fruits.  I found Dolce and Gabbana a little harder to do than Zimmerman as it is more about prints than it is about shapes, but I got there in the end!  Join me in romanticising Summer, even though it is still Winter! I'm going to be the most prepared for Summer I have ever been in my life this year!  Here are my 10 top picks for dressing as if you are wearing Dolce & Gabbana:

1)  This dress has the classic lemon print on it seen on many D&G dresses. The very simple silhouette will look great with a straw bag and a straw hat, looking perfect for taking a cruise or going wine tasting.

2)  Although the shape of this D&G dress on the left is iconic, it is also very simple.  This dress on the right I found on Oasis has the same bodiced top with a floral design.  I love how small this would make your waist.  It can be dressed up with heels or worn casually with sandals.

3)  This third piece is very similar to the top one but I wanted to show a different floral design, slightly softer and more casual.

4)  I couldn't find a midi length to match the left D&G dress, but I found this piece from Mango on the right.  It also came in a trouser and top combo.  It's bold and very statement, but paired with rattan accessories and it would look super chic.  Even thrown over a bikini at the beach would look amazing if it was too out there for you for everyday wear.

5) The Sicilian tile print and Lemon print blended into one.  If there was one outfit out of these 10 that you were to show me and I say the designer, this one would be an easy D&G.  I found this one on the right at Etsy and it had so much choice of different types of clothes in this print

6)  My vinted addiction continues! So far I have ordered about 10 pieces and loved them all.  This dress is beautiful and looks vintage.  The rose print reminded me a lot of the D&G dresses here on the right.

Vinted dress

7)  A very hard print to find in this shape, so I just focused on the colour and the shape here.  I think D&G just do a bodiced top of the dress with the cinched in waist really well.

8)  I wouldn't ever usually shop on Shein, but I couldn't deny how similar these dresses looked and how classy you could make this dress look.  The only time I would warrant shopping on there is if you genuinely think you're buying a classic piece that will stay in your wardrobe for years to come and you don't treat it as fast fashion, like the brand is intended for.

9)  This dress on the right I found on vinted again!  Usually if you type in D&G dress in the description, it will come up with proper D&G dresses but also the dupes, so you can find them that way.  Personally I think the dupe here looks more D&G than the real piece.

Vinted dress

10) Finally we have my last piece and it is of course another classic lemon print.  I've had my eye on this piece for ages and might make the splurge this year.  I have a lemon print skirt but think an all over printed piece would look better.  Karen Millen always do amazing sales at this time of year as well.


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