A reflection on 2022 trends - The best and the worst!

This is one of my favourite posts I write every year as it allows me to reflect on what mistakes I have made with my fashion choices in the year and to try and make better choices for next year.  I made notes throughout the year so I could accurately write this post because believe it or not, there are already some trends that have come and gone back out of fashion again, therefore I have forgotten about them!  Some are here to stay and I love them, some I have strong feelings towards and not good ones!! But everyone's taste is their own, so as always this is my own opinion and you can wear what you like.  Style is a reflection of your own personality and if we all dressed the same it would be boring! You may not believe in trends, but it's almost impossible to not be influenced anymore as they are everywhere and you don't even realise you are being subconsciously influenced.  I had about 25 on this list but I have narrowed it down to the highlights of the best and the worst for 2022.

1)  Clogs - This was a trend for Spring/Summer 2022 and never in my life did I think this would be a trend.   I hope no one bought a designer version as I doubt they'll be back next year. Will these be worn next summer? I hope not as I couldn't and still can't see the appeal.

2)  Enamel Jewellery was the jewellery trend for Spring/ Summer 2022.  It added a colourful touch to gold jewellery and to a Summer outfit.  I didn't own any, but I quiet liked this trend!  With white dresses it really pops.

3) Birkenstocks - The year everyone started wearing their home shoes outdoors and had no regrets.  I will be investing in a pair next year as my sister has 2 and she loves them.

4) Boucle coloured blazers - Spring 2022 was the season of cropped coloured boucle jackets.  They were everywhere and they were colourful.  I bought a green one as Green is my soul colour.  I really enjoyed the style but also decided to purchase them in some classic styles so they had longevity and contributed to my capsule wardrobe.

5)  Capsule Wardrobe - I had linen co-ords, neutrals, suit trousers and t-shirts, silk skirts, blazers and all sorts on my list, but all of these are capsule wardrobe staples.  Having a capsule wardrobe is the most trendy thing you could have done this year!  I love this and although it has become a trend this year and everyone is talking about it, it is here to stay and all of these items are classic pieces that won't go out of style.  You can style them more trendy but the pieces themselves are classic.  I have invested in this a lot this year.  

6)  70s prints - Prints have been a big trend this year, 70s prints and scarf prints have been my favourite.  Either a blouse tucked into a pair of jeans or as a co-ord.  I have definitely bought into this trend this year! Although I am aware that it is a trend that might not be wearable next year. 

7)  The Valentino Effect - Valentino went wild this year with the Chunky Bratz shoe.  I saw this everywhere!! Influencers were buying them and all the high streets were coming out with their own version.  It looks cool, but was never anything I would have bought, just appreciated other people wearing them and looking cool.  Lots of people would wear them and wear the same colour tights as shown on the catwalk.

8)  The Victoria Beckham silver dress.  Victoria Beckham broke the internet when she turned up for her Sons wedding in a VB silver custom gown.  Within a few weeks Mango, Zara and many more had a high street version on the hanger.  Now that's how you influence!!!

9)  Square necklines - Square necklines have been seen everywhere this year.  Self portrait do it the best if you like this trend, but lots of other places also do it.  I really enjoyed this this year and bought a few pieces.  It looks great with dresses but also makes simple vests and tops look that extra bit special and stylish.

10)  Wide leg jeans -  Wide leg jeans or flared jeans look really great when worn with a simple jacket or a tailored look.  I'm quiet short, so for me I can only wear these when I have heels on, which I have done and I have loved wearing them!  I still think the skinny jean is most flattering for my size and height for everyday wear though, these style jeans are just when I want to have an elevated look with heels and look a bit trendier.

11)  Ballet shoes - This style has come full circle from when I was in high school in the 2000s.  If you buy the right kind of ballet shoe and wear it with a boucle jacket, it can be a super chic look and very Chanel.

12)  Evening gloves -  This was a subtle trend all year, revamped from the 1920s.  Sparked from Bridgerton balls, it was also worn on the red carpets,  with wedding dresses and for parties.  More recently for Christmas and New year I saw lots of people wearing black lace gloves with a Little black dress.

13)  Mini Uggs - My final trend for 2022 is Uggs, again another blast from my past as Uggs were big when I was in High School.  It was the longer pair then and everyone bought the cheaper versions that eventually made your feet roll in as you walked.  Fast forward 20 years and it's the short version that's trendy and it is sold out everywhere!  For me it's a trend best left in the 2000s.  I didn't wear it then and haven't now.  It's a shoe that should stay indoors at home.

Lots of trends forecasted to stay and be popular next year such as Blazers, ballet pumps, shades of green and Menswear as womenswear, but here are a few different predictions for 2023:

1) Maxi coats - You can see this already with brands such a Holland Cooper that do amazing Maxi trench coats, but specifically this January, the YSL maxi coat has broken the internet and caused everyone to search for a dupe.

2) Midi and Maxi denim skirts - These are going to be huge this Spring, worn with boots and jumpers/blazers! I think it looks really chic and will definitely be trying it.

3) Modesty - This year with everything being maxi and Menswear as womenswear, we are in for a year of dressing modestly! I am here for it as it's generally my style also.  I'm looking forward to sleek tailoring and longer hemlines!

4) 90s and 2000s nostalgia - Kate Moss is making a comeback as everyone tries to recreate her looks with jeans and oversized shirts.  We've already seen a comeback of the Uggs and ballet pumps, what more is to come? She only went and turned up on the Bottega catwalk for Spring/Summer 2023 wearing jeans, firing the trend even more!  I think as the festival season comes around we will see the boho looks of the Nicole Richie, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller 2000s era and it'll look fabulous.  

5) Waistcoats - This trend is going to be huge this year, paired with tailored trousers.  Either all in one colour or colour blocking with black and white.  I love this trend and i've already ordered my waistcoat and will be hunting for the perfect trousers to match.


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