Is this the end of the LV canvas print?


I love a canvas print, whether it's Gucci, Louis Vuitton or Celine, I think it's so Chic.  Rumour has it that Louis Vuitton is cancelling it for 2023.  This means no more Canvas print for the classic Speedy, alma BB, Neverfull, pochette Metis and the mini pochette.  Arguably the most popular bags.  But the canvas print bags are also the most affordable Louis Vuitton bags and this shift means that if people want to invest in the brand, they'll have to spend more money on the leather bags.  But will this work or will it force people to buy the canvas print bags pre-loved?  Arguably I think they look better pre-loved and they are even more affordable.  I bought my Neverfull bag pre-loved from luxury promise for £650.  I skipped the awkward phase of the bag where the light leather makes the bag look fake and I got it for half the price.  It's my most worn bag and I love it.

Do we think this is a good move or not? I'm not sure, the canvas print is the reason a lot of people buy LV bags and you take it away, they might shop elsewhere or as I said earlier buy pre-loved.  But none of that money goes towards keeping Louis Vuitton funded.  The heritage of the brand is what makes a lot of OG's shop there and continue to shop there.  What will they do with the Speedy, alma BB, Neverfull, pochette Metis and the mini pochette? The classics.  Not to mention the travel luggage.  If you have had your eye on an item, now would be the time to get it!

It was a short while ago that Louis Vuitton cancelled their very popular toiletry pouch, rumours were they were fed up of people turning it into a bag.  Clever and very affordable compared to splashing on the bags.  All this is an attempt to reinvent themselves in the luxury market.  They no longer want to be seen as entry level designer.  But the big question in my mind is that if the canvas print is no longer there, the reason the brand is popular, what do they have to offer??  I am watching with anticipation to see what they release. 

 On the flip side to this, the canvas print is more affordable making it more accessible and decreasing the value of the brand.  The monogram print of the classic LV bags are also one of the most popular bags to replicate in the replica market, making it very difficult to spot if a bag is real or not, also hugely decreasing the value and the brand.  I think making the canvas print harder to get hold of would have ensured the print was exclusive.  This is the same as a black Chanel bag or a Hermes bag.  Making something harder to buy always makes people want it more.

Will be getting rid of something so loved be beneficial or detrimental to the brand? Will anyone else follow suit?  


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