The Luxury Gift Guide

If you are looking for an extra special gift this year for a friend, partner, sibling or a parent, then I have 11 options here to help you or even just inspire you.  Luxury gifts should be something that the person you’re gifting wouldn't buy themselves every day or you know they want but would never splurge.  It needs to be something you've carefully considered and thought about, otherwise an expensive gift they don't really want is such a waste!  I think the important rule here is just because you'd like it, doesn't mean they would.  You really have to put yourself in their shoes and examine the lifestyle they lead.  One of the best ideas is to go Christmas shopping together and watch what perfume they sniff or items they look interested in.  I have used that idea many times with my Mum and my husband.  If you need more inspiration please go back and look at the Gift guides I did last year in 2021 and 2020, they still have some amazing ideas.  Grab some of my ideas below quickly as many are in the black Friday sales!!!!

Category 1 - Fragrance

Luxury fragrances that are around the £100 mark are definitely not something that you can easily buy yourself.  I'm more than happy to spend £40, but when it gets to the £100 plus it goes on my Birthday or Christmas Wish list.  Take note when you're shopping with loved ones to the fragrances they smell and are lusting over but don't buy.  Failing that, have a look and see if they are running low of their favourite fragrance and repurchase it for them!  Thoughtful but simple.

Category 2 - Scarfs

During the Winter months when you cover your clothes with coats and a scarf, they are your fashion statement so pick them wisely!  I think investing in a good scarf will elevate your look and make you feel well dressed when heading out.  I have picked 3 here that are actually all unisex, so if you're buying for you husband or wife you may be able to steal them!!

Category 3 - Jewellery

Jewellery is always a lady's best friend when they are gifted it.  There are so many brands out at the moment that I love including Raven James by Fleur de Force, In the Frows collection by Edge of Ember, Raemi by Amelia Liana and Carrie Elizbeth jewellery.  I love the creators as much as the Jewellery and it's really exciting seeing them come out with new items.  Other brands I think are really worth the money are Astrid & Muyu, Missoma and Soru jewellery.  I find Soru jewellery really quirky and individual.

Category 4 - Skincare

I put some beautiful skincare kits in the affordable gift guide, but if you really want Luxury skincare, this is the place.  These kits are so beautiful and full of the most incredible products.  It would be a real joy to receive these on Christmas day.  Again, the savings on these compared to other times of the year is unmissable.  I think my favourite might be the Guerlain kit, how beautiful does that look??

Category 5 - Leather goods

I am loving the simpler leather wallets and card holders these days; everyone has different tastes but the big YSL and designer logos on such a small item doesn't look as good to me now.  I know some of you might love them and that's fine, you go for it!! These ones are still such high quality and look much sleeker.  I would prefer to buy a simpler but classy card holder and use the money I saved to go towards more gifts.  

Category 6 - Nail kits

I have never been one to be into nails, but I have had them done a few times now for my wedding events and I have to say I really enjoy them.  I feel more put together and it makes me feel good.  If you know someone who goes to the nail salon a lot but complains about how much it costs, or even someone who struggled not being able to get it done over lock down.  Why don't you introduce them to this?  I for one cannot afford to get my nails done every month with this cost-of-living crisis.

Category 7 - LED eye perfector

I think this piece of equipment is amazing.  Speaking from personal experience, after you turn 30 you get more concerned about wrinkles, especially around your eyes.  Not many people can afford to have facials monthly or have botox regularly (not that you should have botox).  This is such an amazing little piece of equipment for the everyday Women or Man.  You can get the full-face version and even one for the neck, depending on the areas you would like most help with.  By the time you've used it for 6 months, it would have paid for itself in comparison to the cost of facials.

Category 8 - Watches

The gift I am giving to my husband this year is a Watch.  He already has a beautiful silver watch, but also wants a gold one with a Brown leather strap.  I am finding the challenge of finding the perfect one rather hard.  During my research, I came across these ones and even though they are in the Luxury price range, they are pretty good prices for watches!  I think they look far more expensive than they are.  The ladies one is also identical to a Cartier watch!!

Category 9 - The Revlon blow dry hot brush

I am so desperate to try this tool out.  Anything that makes hair care easy and is quick is amazing.  I need something that looks effortless but does the job of 2 tools.  Here you can take out the straightener and hair curler for the blow dry effect or any awkward hairbrush holding and hair dryer.  I struggle with knowing what to do with my long hair for work other than straightening it, I'm certainly not going to spend time curling it.  This is the perfect in-between.  I know this brush is also in the black Friday sales so grab it!!  

Category 10 - Luggage

It wasn't until I started travelling and making lots of weekend trips, that I realised how bad my luggage was.  I think luggage that looks smart says it all.  You don't want to be taking a flight to Dubai and holding luggage that looks like it's been dragged through a bush.  This beautiful set almost looks vintage, and I love the cream and tan.  It also comes in pink if you want something girly!

Category 11 - Virgin experience

The last category is Virgin experiences! If you are struggling with what to buy someone, but you know they love to be out and doing new things, treat them to an experience!! I didn't want anything for my birthday last year, so my husband treated me to Paris and it was the best present ever!  These are a few things I saw and loved; the bonus is you get in on the gift too!! You can find all sorts of quirky things on there from cocktails in a dungeon to dinner in the Ritz.


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