Stocking filler gift guide

The time has officially arrived for me to start my gift guides!  To kick it off I'm starting with stocking fillers and keeping the budget £16 and under.  I'm really wanting the gifts this year to be things people will actually really like to receive, I know I focused on that last year and not buying throw away small items anymore.  This year I want to 100% make sure we are doing that, which means no gimmicky or themed items.  I know that might be hard if the person you're buying for is a big Friends or Harry Potter fan, but chances are that item won't last long before it is binned.  I have included some gender-neutral categories and some that have items for both.

Category 1 - Winter warmers 

If you stick to a neutral colour, then anything that will keep you warm and snuggly during the winter months will be greatly received, whether it's a hat, slippers or socks.  You may be like me also and never buy yourself socks as you know you always get them for Christmas.

Category 2 - Lip balms

Is it just me who has an addiction to lip balm? I hope not as it's real and I have to have one in every room and every bag.  Christmas is a nice time to receive one you wouldn't buy yourself that's more luxury to keep in your handbag.  I have my eye on a few of these that's for sure.

Category 3 - Hand creams

The same as lip balms, it's the perfect opportunity to gift someone a more luxurious hand cream that they wouldn't purchase themselves and can keep in their handbag for when they are out and about.
  I have my eye on the Liz Earle one.

Category 4 - Makeup and applicators

This Elf eyeshadow palette is so good and so pigminted and only £4! The Morphe shadow brushes are also amazing, they have been a life saviour for me recently with hormonal acne.  The larger brush makes foundation go on really well and the smaller ones are good for concealing and buffing in to conceal.  The good thing about all these products too is that they are all small so are nice and compact in your makeup bag.

Category 5 - Luxury mini gift sets

I would absolutely love to receive any of these mini makeup kits in my stocking.  I love trying new products before i purchase the larger size and splurge and I also like having minis to travel with.

Category 6 - Candles

You can absolutely never go wrong with a candle and a lighter kit.  There is nothing worse than using a small lighter, especially when lighting a well-used candle.

Category 7 - Mini fragrances

I think a fragrance tester kit is such a lovely idea for a stocking filler.  Fragrance is so personal and buying it for someone if you don't know they want the specific fragrance is such a risk.

Category 8 - Wellbeing

Self-care is the ultimate wellbeing and taking time for yourself is so important.  Whether this oil is used in the bath, on skin or a pillow, it's taking time for yourself and your well-being. 

Category 9 - Kitchen accessories

On Christmas day I expect lots of fizz to be opened, gift someone this to keep it fizzy all day!

Category 10 - Chocolates

Who doesn't like chocolates? These ones look special, and I am almost 100% sure they will taste it.


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