The Affordable Gift Guide


If you are looking for an affordable gift for a friend or family member, then I have done all the research here for you.  There are some great choices here that can feel really personal, and some are great brands.  Some of the categories are suitable for both genders, but some unfortunately didn't have a male alternative category!  If you know the person you're buying for well, some of these categories will be easy for you to choose makeup shades and types of skincare etc, but if you don't then the umbrella category, PJ's and some of the other categories will be more suitable.  Some of these items are in the sale, so snap them up before they go back up to full price!  I tried to stick to 10, but you have got a sneaky bonus category.  If you would like further ideas, then please go back through my blog and find my gift guides I posted in 2021 and 2020!

Category 1 - A Vase with some flowers

I think this is a lovely gift, flowers are always greatly received in my home and a beautiful vase I can reuse with it is even better.  Take some time picking a beautiful one that will be a show piece in a home.

Category 2 - Umbrella

Umbrellas are needed all year round here in England and they break so often!! I think it's good to have one for everyday use that you don't mind breaking and then a smart one for when you go out for dinner.  

Category 3 - Games night 

Games nights as an adult are the best.  Some of my favourite evenings have been playing taskmaster with my friends and family.  It has had me crying with laughter on several occasions!

Category 4 - Makeup and beauty 

There are some beautiful makeup kits on the lead up to Christmas and these are just a small collection.   You always get very good discounts when you buy sets rather than the products individually, always look up the value of the box verses what they sell it for. The Rare beauty eyeshadow palette in particular is a beauty.

Category 5 - Satin hair care and sleep set

Hair care has been so popular this year, from heatless waves to the curly girl method.  Here are a few selections of kits you can buy a friend who is super into it.

Category 6 - Bluetooth speakers

The perfect gift for someone who likes to have a garden party or a BBQ in the summer. 

Category 7 - Sleep wear 

No matter who you are and what age, this gift will always be suitable.  As I get older, I also really enjoy getting fancier PJ's that make me feel like lady of the manor!

Category 8 - Skincare 

As I said above, there are some beautiful gift sets leading up to Christmas.  These are a few of my favourites from my favourite brands for Men and Women.  Luxury skincare is something that I don't tend to treat myself to that often, it's rare and I spread it out between using high street skincare.  Receiving it as a gift is very special.  The discount savings on the kits is also crazy!! It’s the perfect time of year to buy!

Category 9 - Fragrance

I've said previously that fragrance is really personal.  These Penhaligon fragrance testers are a lovely idea.  Not only are Penhaligon fragrances a really great brand, but they are expensive so getting to test them properly before investing is a great idea.  Another thing I never really buy myself is fragrance, I love receiving it as a gift.

Category 10 - Gloves

A lot of my gloves are just warm ones, but don't look very smart when going out for lunch or dinner.  These ones I have carefully selected are very smart and would also be warm.  I love the idea of a black coat with black leather gloves, it looks so smart!

Category 11 - Personalised Quality Street

This is such a personal gift; you can fill it with all their favourite chocolates if you know their favourite.  It's also perfect for newlyweds, I got married this year and would love to receive one of these with our married name on.  This year you can also buy bags of the coloured Quality streets which is amazing if anyone just loves the gold ones.  Every year there is a limited-edition chocolate, which this year it's the honeycomb crunch!


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