New in H&M 🍁

Summer here in the UK is not over yet, in fact it’s been pretty great this year.  It was only this weekend it was 32 degrees and it’s due to be 26 next week.  My head is still very much in the Summer fashion game, but some places have started getting Autumn pieces in.  H&M is one of them and if you know H&M, anything good sells out straight away!!!! So you need to be quick! I am really feeling the clean girl aesthetic for Autumn this year and you can very clearly see that in the items I picked.  Lots of beige neutrals, clean shapes and a few blacks.  I'll also be wearing lots of blazers this Autumn too over knitted dresses and chunky roll necks, so no doubt there will be some new blazers being bought this year too.

1) LOOK 1 - This simple black, thin knit dress is perfect. I’ve been looking for something like this to go with this belt for a while.  This is something that will be worn into the warmer part of Autumn, but is not warm enough for colder weather, unless you pop a black jumper over it.  The way I’ve styled it is how I will wear it in the Maldives on my honeymoon, so i'll definitely be keeping this.

2)  LOOK 2 - This beige jumper dress is an Autumn /Winter essential. It’s so comfortable, warm and easy to throw on.  It’s perfect for work, lounging round the house or going out for lunch. It’s the perfect all rounder.  The sleeves were to long for me, but rolling them up isn't a problem.  I am keeping this as I know I will get so much wear out of it.

3) LOOK 3 - I threw this top on with these trousers, but I’d really wear it with a white T-shirt and trainers for a super chic day look or with loafers for work.  I love how clean and effortlessly stylish these trousers are and they fit like a dream so I had to keep them.  I'm really getting into my trousers this year.  

4) LOOK 4 -  The print of this is really trendy but not too bold.  The batwing sleeves give it a really stylish touch and when I style it with this belt it adds the finishing touch.  This could be worn with anything from sandals to trainers and even heels if you wanted to dress it up.  Just after I placed this order, I saw they brought it out in a trousers and blouse combo so I have also bought that and will keep whichever I prefer.  Anything that can be worn to work and also for lots of other occasions is a bonus for me.  I hate having separate clothes for work.

5) LOOK 5 -  This top is so well made for £12.99, can you believe i'm not wearing a bra? You can't even see my nipples.  I think this is such a good dressy top for an evening and when styled with these beige bootcut trousers, it looks very chic.  I felt really sexy in this outfit considering it's very understated and following the clean girl aesthetic.  I did return these though as I couldn't justify keeping two pairs of beige trousers.  Also, they were too long to wear without heels and I know i'll never turn them up so they'll just sit in my wardrobe.

6) LOOK 6 - Cute, cute and cute.  A very oversized and warm easy throw on jumper dress.  It was definitely too hot to try on in 32 degree heat, but I do anything for my blog!  A year ago today, if you told me i'd be wearing trainers with my outfits, i'd laugh at you.  Here I am a year later and I love my vejas!!


7) LOOK 7 -   This jumper dress was quiet casual with this neckline and somehow the fabric didn't feel as high quality as the other jumper dresses so I returned it.  It is a very affordable and great black jumper dress if you're on the look out for one though.

8) LOOK 8 -  I love that Hounds tooth check is still in style!  I was wearing blazer and short hounds tooth sets in my 1st year of University 12 years ago and I wish I kept them.  This blazer style doesn't disappoint and would make a great dinner outfit.  Alternatively pair with tights and boots to make this wearable for day.  This was unfortunately too big for me so I returned it, I recommend sizing down in this if you like it.


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