Summer Lookbook

I don't know what has happened to me this Summer, but I have been wearing so much pink!  I am usually all about the green tones, but this summer I have bought around 4 pink dresses and i'm really loving it.  I still love green, but I am branching out that's for sure as my only nod to green was the embroidered shorts this haul.  I believe this is my biggest variety of high street stores in a lookbook as I usually just focus on a few places.  Here we have Primark, H&M, Zara and River Island.  Summer is my favourite time to do a lookbook simply because of the colours, I find Autumn/Winter lookbooks visually not as pretty and fun.  My shoes throughout the looks are old Asos block sandals and my belt is the Valentino vlogo reversible belt.  One of my best purchases as I wear it with everything and as it's reversible black and tan it's so versatile.  Even though I love all these looks, I didn't keep them all and I will talk through each one and explain which I kept and which I didn't and my reasons.  I do have a rule that if an outfit isn't perfect and I don't love it or have any doubts, I don't keep it.  I have to be super selective with my clothes as I do have a lot and I love to shop, clearly by my blog!!

1) LOOK 1 - This white embroidered dress from River Island is stunning,  I love the design and I really liked the shape on me.  As a petite size 6 I often find these style dresses swamp me.  I had the dream of wearing this with a straw beach bag and it did not disappoint. The only thing I questioned was the sleeves.  It would have looked a lot better if the sleeves didn't go out at the bottom so much.  They could have been puff or shorter or even fitted and it would have been better.  So for this reason I ended up returning it sadly. 

2) LOOK 2 -  This look is so fun.  I got the shorts a few weeks ago and then the top specifically to wear to London Pride.  I kept both and I wore this exact look on the day of London pride and felt amazing.  The shorts are super comfy and go with absolutely everything and the blouse is a show stopper.  I plan to wear this also over a bikini when I go away on holiday.

3) LOOK 3 -  I never usually buy primark clothes, I only went in to have a look at the home section and I couldn't resist taking this home with me.  It caught my eye and I didn't even try it on.  I think it looks super classic and chic and I have already worn this out for a day trip to Harrods.

Primark - 

4) LOOK 4 -  This dress is current River Island, but you won't believe this but I got it from vinted for £4!  Someone must have missed the return date so just chucked it on there for super cheap and I lucked out!  Vinted is so worth browsing if you have the time as you can find some real gems.  I love this dress, it's the perfect length for me for a shorter dress as I get very comfortable with midi length.  The print is stunning and I am also very picky with floral prints and the sleeves are just sensational.  I feel amazing in this dress and I always get compliments when I wear it.

5) LOOK 5 -  This dress I bought from the Zara sale.  Initially I wasn't sure as the straps were too long, but after tying them shorter and putting a belt with it, I really liked the way it looked.  It's casual but very pretty.  So I took the time to sew the straps shorter and I kept it.  I can't wait to wear this.

6) LOOK 6 -  This white lace midi shirt dress is stunning, but maybe a little warm for Summer.  It would be more suited to Spring and maybe coming into September.  I'm really enjoying the simplicity of a white dress and I'm really wanting to get a beautiful green bag to wear with one.  I did return this as I felt there was a little bit too much fabric with the belt on so it bunched a little bit.  It would have been perfect if there was a smaller size.

7) LOOK 7 -  A denim dress in Summer is a classic.  This is a denim look more than a denim feel so it is a lot more comfortable and lightweight.  I love the way the bows look on the top of the shoulders, but you can tye them differently or at the back if you want to.  The fitting of the dress is beautiful, but I felt it was slightly too long for me as it was between the midi or maxi length.  I usually don't mind that, but with this dress I felt it didn't look right so I returned it.  If you are a bit taller than 5ft 3 inches, then this will be perfect for you.

8) LOOK 8 -  These shorts scream Zimmerman vibes for me which is why I ordered them.  They are beautiful, but it was such a shame that they were too big so I had to return them.  I love Zara but I do have an issue with their sizing, which I know is not uncommon.  I know the issue is usually that the larger sizes aren't big enough, but I also find that the XS is not small enough.  I don 't think any of their sizes are correct.  I think the XS is actually a small and any of the sizes above aren't much bigger.  They need the XS to actually be smaller and the larger sizes to be larger than the smaller sizes.  That is my only niggle I have with them.


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