Wedding guest season lookbook

Wedding season has already begun and this year there are more weddings than ever.  All the lockdown weddings have been crammed into one year and the world has gone mad for it!  If you're still looking for an outfit for your summer wedding, I will be showing you 8 ideas that are amazing.  Depending on the type of wedding I have sexy options, classier options and more girly options.  I have a few fails and some mega successes, but my fails might be your wins as everyone has different tastes. There are no whites here and I have mainly gone for pinks, greens and blues that feel very summery.  I havent included any suits as I think they would be too hot in the summer, but if you want to power suit it I think it's a very chic look.

1) LOOK 1 - Starting with a bang, this is probably my favourite dress out of them all.  This style is floaty, girly, but a little sexy with the low cut.  This would probably not be a good dress for someone with a bigger bust, but still looks classy if you're smaller cupped like me. 

2) LOOK 2 - This dress is uber sexy and the colour is fantastic.  The style of this reminds me of Herve leger dresses, but a more affordable price tag!!  This wouldn't be suitable for every wedding and possibly some people might choose to wear this if they were just an evening guest.  This is sadly out of stock already, but I have linked a similar neckline with a more floaty style fit.

3) LOOK 3 - I feel very Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City in this one and I'm not mad at it! It's super girly, fun and a little quirky! 

4) LOOK 4 - This dress is probably my 2nd favourite as it gives me all the Zimmerman vibes and it's my favourite colour.  I love the high neckline, floaty sleeves and buttons all the way down the front.  Again this is out of stock already so I have linked a few simar options below.

5) LOOK 5 - This dress feels very vintage and would be great for a vintage themed wedding.  For me it is too casual though as I like to really dress up when I attend a wedding.

6) LOOK 6 - The style of this dress, the colour and the print is beautiful.  It's really unfortunate that the lace is very grandmas curtains, so for that reason I don't personally think I would wear this dress which is such a shame! If you don't mind this style lace though, then it is a beautiful dress.

7) LOOK 7 - This dress is the classiest and most conservative dress of them all.  The length, shape and print makes it very appropriate for family weddings especially.

8) LOOK 8 - The greatest thing about this dress is that I can wear no bra with it, making it very comfortable for those super hot wedding days. This dress is beautiful and sits at a great length to be wedding appropriate, but at the same time feeling light and summery.  The fabric is also so flattering for a silk slip dress.


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