Everything is better in pairs

If an outfit doesn't come with a matching top, bottoms or a jacket, then I dont want it! I am just loving the 2 piece coord trend.  It looks effortless, chic and sophisticated and Zara just do it the best!  Zara online styles all the coords loose, so you have to imagine it tucked in and sleek as personally that is the way to wear them.  They are very covered up and conservative outfits, so showing off your waist by tucking the top in will give the outfit a tailored feel.  The prints are to die for, with some of the more 70s prints looking like they are straight out of the Pucci store. It was so hard to narrow down the options as there were so many.  I love that you can wear them for all occasions as they're demure and classy, so you can wear them to work or dress them up with heels for an evening.  I have chosen to show you my favourite piece from last year and 5 new sets for this year.

1) LOOK 1 - This outfit makes my soul happy.  I couldn't love the colour more and the shape makes the outfit stand out. I love the batwing of the top paired with the palazzo trousers.  The trousers also look incredible styled with a black top and a blazer and the top with jeans.  This is a very versatile outfit.  The trousers need a little bit of tailoring on me, but they are so worth it.

2) LOOK 2 - Does this outfit not remind you of Pretty Women? I feel like I'm living out my Julia Roberts life waiting for Richard Gere to turn up.  This could be worn casually for work, dressed up for dinner or even a wedding.  

3) LOOK 3 - The blue and green colours in this together and the print are beautiful.  The top has a toggle so you can make it as gathered or as loose as you like.  As a petite 6/8, this was not a great fit for me around the waist, but it's a lovely outfit.  Minimal effort needs to be made to make it look like you've spent time to look good.

4) LOOK 4 - I love how smart/casual this looks.  It looks so put together and trendy, but at the same time casual and a little bit sporty.  The fabric also feels very high quality and silky, so this baby isn't creasing!

5) LOOK 5 - This look was my 2 piece from last year that I loved and made me feel very Gucci.  This year Zara has brought out the exact same style and shape with a slightly different print, which I have linked below.  I choose to wear mine tucked in, but the shape of the top at the front means it can also be worn tucked out.

6) LOOK 6 - My final look is my favourite, but also the most dressy.  This would make an incredible wedding guest outfit.  It's so individual and looks expensive! The shape of the blazer with the shoulder pads is fabulous, which would also look great with jeans.  Back in my fashion university days, I would have died to wear an outfit like this to London Fashion Week.  I almost returned it as I couldn't think where I would wear it, but I though it would haunt my dreams.  Now to plan an occasion for it!  

I made reference to a few of the pieces that looked like they were from the designer Pucci, so just to finish off the post I thought I would show you some of those:


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