Paris travel diaries

I have well and truly got the travel bug again.  This Paris trip was my 2nd trip of the year and it was a 30th birthday present from my husband.   Our 1st trip was Pakistan in January and I will be doing a travel diary on it over the Summer.  We booked Paris over the Easter bank holiday so that we didn't need to book any time off and it was perfect.  We booked via the Eurostar package section which was super easy.  I filtered it by closest to the city centre 1st and then picked the hotel that was the best star and the best price.  We didn't bother paying extra for a hotel with a gym as we knew we would be doing so much walking that we wouldn't need it.  Make sure your hotel also isn't much more than 20 mins from the station Gard du Nord, otherwise your taxi to and from your hotel will be pricey.  My top tip for you is to pick a few entertainment packages before you go.  We picked our Louvre museum ticket from the website Paris city vision and our Eiffel tower tour ticket from Get your guide.  For both these we had to go to an address close to the attractions to collect our pre-payed tickets. This was honestly such a life saver as we skipped all the queues.

In this post I will show you our travel itinerary, any tips and what I wore incase any of you are newbies and interested in going to Paris.  1st of all, I know this might be obvious but I didn't realise you had to arrive 1hr 30 mins before the train so I am very glad I checked that beforehand as I would have rocked up 30 mins before otherwise.  

Evening of 1st day:

We arrived on the evening of the Friday, got a taxi to our hotel and immediately went out to have dinner and explore Paris.  We were only 9 mins from the Louvre so we went to see it in the dark and walked to the Palais royal gardens.  We were just so excited and happy to be in Paris.  I wore my most French jacket ever in my soul colour from Mango.

Full first day:

  •  We got up early and walked to the very famous cafe Angelinas, where we queued for about an hour to get in.  It was well worth it though as it was beautiful inside.  We enjoyed a croissant and a Chocolat Chaud which was basically melted chocolate.

  •  We walked to the Notre Dame to see the beauty inside even with the fire damage .

  •  We walked to the ticket office close to the Louvre to pick up our tickets and we spent the next 3 hours in the Louvre museum.  It was great, we saw the amazing Napolleon apartments and the Mona lisa.

  •  We caught the bus to the Eiffel tower early and spent a good amount of time getting the perfect picture.  We then walked to the ticket location and went up the Eiffel tower with our guide.  It was very satisfying to walk straight past the queue which would have taken over an hour.  We went up early evening and came down to see the sparkly lights of the Eiffel tower in the dark.

  •  We bought some street food and sat on the steps of the river Seine at sunset.

Full Second day:

  •  We took the bus early to the Monte marte district and enjoyed brunch and the street artists and markets.

  •  We walked down to see the Moulin Rouge which wasn't far.  If we were staying another night I would have loved to see a show here.

  •  Then we took a bus to arc de triomphe which was spectacular to look at.

  •  Straight off of the arc de triomphe is avenue des Champs-Élysées where all the designer shops are.  We had good fun having a browse.

  •  We took a bus to the Eiffel tower again to go on a river cruise, which we wanted to do on the Saturday but ran out of time.  The weather was perfect and the view of the Eiffel tower was so great from the boat.

  •  For our final evening we dressed up and went to find somewhere to enjoy a cheese board for dinner.  We found Cafe de Flore which is actually a popular spot in the series Emily in Paris.

We left early on the Monday so there was no time to fit anything in that morning.  We had an incredible trip and I can't wait to go back already!



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