Spring LookBook

It has been a real struggle to do a LookBook for Spring this year as the weather is very bad! As I am writing this we are in the middle of storm Franklin, which is our second storm in 3 days.  I saw the sun come out for 5 minutes yesterday and I was straight outside taking these pictures before it rained again. This post is a manifestation for the good weather with a few pops of colour.  It's all high street as usual and a mix between Zara, River Island and Mango.  The goal is for the pieces to also be able to be worn throughout Summer, Autumn and Winter with a few style tweaks.

1) LOOK 1 - I think this is my favourite look as it's very transitional between the seasons.  I love this look with tights and a blazer, but I also can't wait to wear it by itself In the Summer.  I love the colour, texture and the shape.  It gives me 60s vibes.

2) LOOK 2 - This 70s vibe is so fun with the boot cut jeans and paisley shirt.  I really like it and think this Jean shape is really flattering.  It's a look that only works on me with heels, but that's what I like about it as it's a heeled outfit that is still casual.  Again this look would look great in the Summer with a knitted vest.

3) LOOK 3 - On me this is a look that I can only wear with heels as I am petite (5'3).  If you're taller than me you wouldn't need to, but there is always the option to get them tailored. This is an adorable outfit to wear in the daytime but dress up in the evening.  The all black look and the shape that is created with the belt is so effortlessly chic.

4) LOOK 4 -  This dress has such a beautiful print and the gold buttons that go all the way up the front are stunning.  I love this look with knee high black boots but also more casually with loafers.  This is also the kind of look that you can wear a cropped jumper over when it gets chillier or take the tights off when it gets warmer.  These chunky loafers also stole my heart and look so good with everything.  I couldn't find this dress anymore on Zara, so I have put some other options below.

5) LOOK 5 - Green will always be my favourite and this stunning blazer with the white buttons is incredible.  I love how it looks with light blue jeans and a white t-shirt, but equally there were matching trousers I could have bought to go with them.  These slide on loafers are also amazing and I think they look so much more expensive than they are.

6) LOOK 6 - I will forever be on the hunt for the perfect leather trench coat.  I really like the look of this one, but unfortunately I think it looks a little bit too big for my taste.  I need to find a petite version. It's perfect if I plan to only wear it with heels, but with flats it is too long. I urge you to try it though as the colour and style is perfect and you won't find a leather trench this good anywhere else for this price.


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