Rock it like Carla Rockmore

I have become utterly obsessed with the fashion icon and jewellery designer that has taken over Instagram and TikTok.  Carla Rockmore has been named the real life Carrie Bradshaw and I love absolutely everything she puts together. 

 She started doing styling clips for her friends while bored during lockdown and since then the whole world has gone mad for her.  Her wardrobe is incredible and her vintage clothes and jewellery are to die for.  She can put together the most outrageous clashing prints and nail it. I urge you to go and follow her on Instagram at @Carla.rockmore.

 She has a thing for the colour green, which....same!!! We are the green queen's!  When shopping I often now find myself imagining if Carla Rockmore would wear it?  She's bold and brave, but noone else could pull it off better.

  If you're feeling uninspired by your wardrobe, she might inspire you to put things together that you never would have imagined would go. Another thing that amazes me about her is that she is 54!! How does she look that good??  I want to look exactly like her when I grow up!

  One video that has stayed with me is the one with the gold boots.

 I think it actually looks very chic and it made me wonder if I could get away with it.  She paired them with a plain white dress which is show stopping.

 I found a pair of gold boots on River Island and did a bit of styling myself.  I was very pleasantly surprised and I really like the way they look.  I didn't buy anything new and only used things I already had in my wardrobe. For full transparency, this pair was too big for me around the ankle so were not suitable to walk in.  This means my hunt for the perfect pair of gold boots continues, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to style them with my wardrobe so I know how fab they look.

If you have better luck with the fit of these boots as I have very petite ankles, then please do try these - Gold Boots

These are 2 gold boots I'm going to try next:

If you want to go for boots the same style as Carla then go for these ones, although I think they are limiting to just being able to be worn with dresses.  They are a bit over the top to wear over jeans.  If you only want to wear them with dresses then absolutely go for it - Gold Boots


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