The Stocking filler Guide

It is coming to the end of November and a lot of people have Christmas on the mind.  If you are organised like me and have already done most of your shopping, then hopefully my guides over the next few weeks can help you finish.  But equally if you haven't started yet, then let's get you going!! These are my top picks of fillers that will genuinely be used. In my family stocking fillers are usually under £10, which makes it harder to not buy tat.  It has been our mission over the past few years to have stocking fillers that will be used and not thrown away, which means a few might have stretched to £12.  Lots of these are for females, some gender neutral and there are a few male alternatives. 

1) Mini makeup brush set- I've started using these mini brushes as they take up so much less room in your makeup bag, you can actually zip them up! The buffing brush fits easily in your handbag and they will also be perfect for the person who loves to travel.

2) Skincare - There are a few really affordable skincare products you can include as a stocking filler.  The Inkey list is a very good and affordable brand.  These are my favourites and items I use every day.

3) A face massager with an oil - When I have time and get into bed early, I absolutely love to put some face oil on and massage my face.  My face looks bumper, less puffy, my scars heal quicker and its a real pampering treat.  You don't have to have an electric one, you can just buy the jade or Quartz rollers.  The electric one is an extra treat.

4) An affordable candle with a candle lighter - A candle is always a good idea and nothing frustrates me more than lighting candles with a lighter and burning your fingers.  Makers of Waxed goods is my favourite candle brand at the moment.

5) Hotel Chocolat Macarons- There is nothing nicer than sweet treats at Christmas - but a luxury sweet treat is extra special.  They have these in so many different flavours, but chocolate would always be my favourite.  Alternatively I know Asda do a macaron selection for only £1.50 if you were looking for a very affordable option.

6) Socks - Do I need to say much more about this one? Everyone needs a restock at Christmas.

7) Bath bomb/ Bathsalts/ bubblebath - In colder months I love a bath and you can never have enough bath accessories to make it feel like a luxury. If you have a home bargains near you, you can find the below 2 items for even cheaper than the links.

8) Coffee syrups - Who doesn't love a festive drink, but hates how overpriced they are? These are your answer and they are delicious!

9) Truffle oil - Truffle has become so popular this year - you find it in pasta, chips, mayo and many more!! It's an acquired taste but personally I think it's delicious.  Let someone else try it and experience it if they haven't already, or you may know that they love it already!!

10) Face masks - You can never go wrong with a face mask ever, male or female! I love doing a face mask with my partner!

If you still need some more ideas, then you can look back at my stocking filler guide from last year to get some further ideas.


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