The Luxury Gift Guide

If you are looking to treat your partner, a parent or a sibling to a really special gift this year, then I have come up with 12 options you can choose from.  They are all presents that are over that comfortable price bracket for purchasing for yourself, therefore it is a real treat.  I don't know about you, but anything under £40 I tend to buy myself throughout the year.  It's the more expensive items that I always have on my Christmas list as they are harder to press that buy button.  Your luxury gifts should be considered, thoughtful or something that your loved one wouldn't buy themselves unless they saved hard for it.  My budget for the gift guides below ranges from £59 to £370 depending on your price point available for gifting.  I really hope you find something that suits you and your loved one.  If you need more ideas then please go back and have a look at my luxury gift guide last year for extra inspiration!  Many of the below links are in the black Friday sale, so be quick or you will miss out on the reduced prices!

1) Perfume - This is definitely something that you don't tend to buy yourself often, but lust over.  Perfume seems to be getting more and more expensive these days as you get older and your taste evolves to higher quality brands.  I am forever smelling them and never buying, so watch out for your loved one doing that and make a mental note of the ones they liked.  The fail safe thing to do would be to replace their favourite if they are running low.  My top 4 for Winter are:

link to Bvlgari men

2) A Designer scarf - A staple every year for Winter.  Opt for a designer brand that is timeless and will not go out of style, ensuring the scarf will be worn for years to come.  It's a great investment and can dress up any outfit. Both the below are unisex.

3) Jewellery - There are really great brands at the moment that have been created by influencers such as Raven James by Fleur de Force,  In the Frows collection for Edge of Ember and Raemi by Amelia Liana.  Some other great brands are Carrie Elizabeth, Missoma and Astrid & Muyu.  They are at a really great price point between high street and designer.  

4) Luxury card wallet - A luxury card wallet in different colours is a great idea for anybody.  If you're a bag lover like me, you'll want one to match every bag!!   Just receiving one really good quality one could last you for 10 years.  If you are buying for a man, then chances are they've used theirs till it fell to pieces and really need a new one.  Or they would really appreciate a fancy one to feel boujee on special evenings.

5) Ooni pizza oven - This has become so popular this year!! My sisters and I clubbed together to get one for my parents last year and it was the best thing we have ever bought them.  If you love hosting or just simply love pizza, this is a brilliant gift!

6) Coffee machine or Hotel Chocolat velvetiser - A hot drink is essential to wake me up in the morning but also to feel cosy in the evening.  If you don't like coffee, then a velvetiser is a good alternative to still getting your hot drink fix.  They taste as if they're from Starbucks, but far cheaper than buying one every day.  Great from a sustainable point of view as well.

7) Designer belt - I invested in my 1st designer belt this year and it really is one of my best investments so far.  It smartens up any outfit, even jeans and a t-shirt feels like I've made an effort! I advise to get one that is the right size so that it fits around your waist and your jeans, that way you'll get the most wear out of it.  If you're unsure about a loved ones size, I'm sure you can have a sneaky measure of a belt they currently own.  Even better is a reversible one, 2 belts in 1 is genius!!

8) A watch - This is a timeless gift for a Man or Woman. You could go leather or metal strap and look for a watch suitable for day or evening.  Alternatively if you know they already have a watch that they love, treat then to a new strap to freshen it up or give it a new look.

9) Luxury designer shoes - Flannels have some really good deals for Jimmy Choo shoes.  You can't find discounts this good anywhere else.  Treat your lady to a pair of shoes she's been dreaming about. The pair I have selected are half price!!

10) LED face mask - I've seen these all over YouTube and it's brilliant, but not something I would ever buy for myself, but would love to receive.  I have always wanted to go for regular facials, but naturally can't afford one every week or month for that matter.  This is your affordable equivalent to that.  By the time you've used it for a year, it has paid for itself in comparison to the money you would have spent on facials.

11) Audio Sunglasses - This is such a clever idea and one that I'll admit was in Fleur de Forces gift guide and I wanted to share it.  This would be so good for a runner or a cycler, not having ear buds in and worrying about them falling out.  Combining the 2 accessories you need the most.  Alternatively, if you love being on the phone when you are out and about then this is a very Men in black or James Bond style for you.

12) An evening in Paris - My parter this year has asked for experiences instead of material items, so I have booked him tickets to a few shows.  A show is a great idea if you know one your loved one would like, but alternatively I think a night or weekend away in Paris is absolutely fabulous!!! Whisk them away for dinner, a trip up the Eiffel tower and some shopping.  It is particularly special at Christmas as well. I won't be including links as there are too many options for hotel and euro tunnel deals.  Take some time to do some research, but there are definetly some affordable options.


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