Winter Warm LookBook

This will probably be my last lookbook before Christmas as all my pennies now will be going on Christmas presents and getting a new Christmas tree.  This is our 1st Christmas in our new home and I want it to be really special!  I have just gone for 5 really simple looks today, which can transition from Autumn to Winter!  These are all casual, every day looks that can be worn in the office or equally can be swapped for a pair of heels to carry you from day to evening!  I love a refresh of my clothes when the season changes, it helps me to get excited about my clothes again!  It's surprising how adding a few new bits can bring life to the rest of your wardrobe and reinvent looks with pieces you had forgotten about! My advise for all the below outfits is to invest in some really good long wear tights, from M&S for example.  I would also love to wear some patterned tights to make the looks more quirky.

1) LOOK 1 - The trench coat look.  This is such a classic look and one that only requires Autumn staples.  Most people own a trench coat, black boots and a simple black dress.  Pair them all together and you get a very relaxed and effortlessly stylish look.  My trench coat and black Tshirt dress are old from ASOS, but my boots are current from Schuh!

2) LOOK 2 - The maxi knit dress.  This dress is a thin knit so could easily be worn in the warmer Autumn months and then layered with a jumper or coat for the colder days.  I've put my trusty lace up boots with it to make it slightly edgier.

3) LOOK 3 - The cardigan jumper dress.   Firstly I love this colour, but it's green so of course I would.  The Chanel style is also beautiful. I have tied this at the back to make it look more fitted, but it can be worn open or belted more loosely at the front over a dress or jeans to look more casual.

4) LOOK 4 - The knitted two piece.  This look was a hard one to do.  I loved the idea of a matching knitted 2 piece and Zara made one that fitted my image.  Unfortunately the jumper was too big, so I had to hunt to find a jumper to colour match the skirt. I'm glad I persevered as the finishing look is exactly what I imagined, finished off with lots of gold jewellery.

5) LOOK 5 - The cable knit jumper dress.  A good cable knit is hard to come by for an affordable price, so this one is a steal!! I do wish it was more cream or beige instead of white as it would be more flattering.  There was also a black version, but it sold out before I got a chance to purchase it!


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