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As we approach Winter, I find that I watch more TV than I do in the summer.  I watch a wide variety of different genres, but I really do enjoy watching fashion related shows.  It's what inspires me most and what I am most passionate about.  I have a blog post on my recommendations for this for last year, but if you made it through that list in lockdown then I thought I'd do a short updated one for new releases!  I am very much excited for the release of the new Sex and the City, Emily in Paris and also the Gucci movie! Instagram sneak peaks keep reminding me of the fabulous outfits I will see.  Whilst you're waiting for those to be released, these are my new top suggestions to watch:

1) Gossip girl 2021 - This was so much better than I expected.  I had very low expectations as the original is so good and one of my true loves! The fashion doesn't compare to the original though, but I partly think that's because I have got older and my style has evolved and matured.  If you're younger you'd probably love it though! The best thing about it now for me is the teachers, they're who I relate to now!

2) My unorthodox life - This was fascinating as not only was the fashion incredible throughout, but I Iearnt so much about the Jewish community and feel a lot more educated on the religion now! 

3) Halston - This is a great documentary on Halstons life, but it is also super sad.  Its a very interesting insight into how drugs can ruin a career.  I had actually never heard of Halston before I watched this!

4) Wonder Boy - This had to be the best thing I've watched all year. The Balmain designer is my new favorite person and this really inspired me! I love tailored blazers and everything he makes is genius.  I just really enjoy getting an insight into the lives of successful people, especially in the fashion industry.

5) Bling Empire - If you want to feel like you're part of a fabulous High fashion and glamorous community - binge watch this!!

6) The Bold Type - final season - This is about so much more than fashion, but reminds me of what I wanted to be like having done a Fashion Journalism degree.  A job that you're passionate about, fabulous clothes, lives, friends and just passion for life.


1. Gucci movie - release date of 21st November 2021

2. Emily in Paris - release date of 22nd December 2021

3. Sex and the city reboot - rumoured to be December 2021

4. Selling sunset season 4 - release date of November 24th 2021


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