Autumn Lookbook 2021

It feels very strange to be doing an Autumn lookbook now as it is still 21 degrees today.  I was roasting trying on these outfits, but I know that in a blink of an eye it will be chillier.  It always comes around so quickly and I want to be prepared.  I always buy seasonal clothes as the seasons are happening and then I dont get enough time to enjoy the clothes.  Instead I am trying to buy before the seasons change and then I get the wear out of my clothes!  I have 8 looks as always that are transitional from Summer to Autumn and vary between every day wear to evening wear.

1) LOOK 1 - This is a very classic look, chances are you already have these items in your wardrobe as they are Autumn staples. A good pair of leather leggings or trousers, a blouse and a great blazer.  Simple, but super effective! These leggings were from Mango last year, but Zara do a similar pair this year! The boots, top and blazer are all Zara as well. 

2) LOOK 2 - This outfit screams boss lady vibes to me! It fits so well and I love dressing it monochrome with the black. If there was a matching jacket with black buttons it would have been even better.

3) LOOK 3 -  I have wanted a leather trench coat for a very long time, but I have never managed to find one cheaper than £350 or one that fits me well. This is a mix between a utility jacket and a trench. My favourite way to wear it is open and tied at the back. This also comes in black which would look just as good!

4) LOOK 4 - This mustard suit set is so cool. I have to admit that I think it might be too cool for me, but I absolutely love the idea of it! This one is a little bit too big and long for me, so I would need to get it tailored, but it's very versatile. The trousers would look great by themselves and so would the blazer with jeans.  

5) LOOK 5  - Maxi length is my favourite in dresses and skirts and I feel so Dior in this one!!! The print and the shape just screams it! I have made mine slightly edgier here with lace up boots.

6) LOOK 6 - Now this is the outfit that pushes me most out of my comfort zone, but I really like it.  It is casual, but can be dressed up with heels like I have here.  The casual fit of the trousers is great, but then the big sleeves add drama.  I feel very cool in this!

7) LOOK 7 - This is the show stopper for me and my favourite of all the looks.  I think this outfit will be very marmite with some thinking it's too much or it looks like pyjamas. I think this looks very Gucci and I feel a million dollars in it. The print is amazing and the fit is amazing.

8) LOOK 8 - This is the outfit I have been wearing today, but it can easily be transitioned into Autumn with heeled boots and a blazer over the top. Sometimes these early Autumn days in October are still warm and this is the perfect outfit for that!

Old H&M heeled sandals - similar pair from Reiss


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