How to style your home and yourself in Toile de Jouy

Ever since I saw the pictures online of the Dior at alto resteraunt in Selfridges, I have been obsessed.  Obsessed with what I would wear and obsessed with how I could make my home look like the toile de Jouy haven they have created.  I have already refreshed the booking page a million times to see if I can get a resteraunt slot before it closes in September, but sadly I don't think I will. I will have to live vicariously through all the influencers attending on Instagram.

The easiest way to incorporate the Toile de Jouy pattern into your home is by wallpaper and print. My top 3 are:

1) Bedding - The left set is Dunelm and the right is H&M. 

2) Curtains - Terry's fabrics have the best looking toile de jouy fabric and they do it in every colour made to measure.

3) Finally it has to be wallpaper and the best place I have found it is Etsy!!

Now the outfit I would wear if I was to miraculously get a resteraunt slot would be the toile de jouy print.  The influencers have gone for a tailored look with Dior accessories, but I only own Dior earrings!! If I owned more I would just wear a lady dior bag and a Dior belt to dress up a fabulous outfit. 

Clashing toile de jouy prints is the decor trend so I would wear a toile de jouy print to trendily clash with it.  My top 3 looks are:

1) This dress from Zara would look fantastic with black boots. This is not available online anymore but you can still buy it in store.

2) I featured this dress from River Island in my dress like your wearing Zimmerman blog post, but I would 100% wear it to this Dior event so I'm going to show you it again!

3) This Misguided dress is stunning and the statement sleeves are so fabulous! 

4) This maxi dress from H&M is gorgeous and would be so flattering and comfortable in hot weather.  You can also wear flats with it and still look dressed up.

5) This dress also from H&M would be perfect. This would look incredible with white woven accessories as the lady has here and could we worn loose or cinched in with a belt. 


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